Can you make bacon from sliced belly

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    craigrice how true. I believe in this time of turmoil, it is imperative that we pass on the old school ways. I hope that our society pulls through this stuff real quick.

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    so much is already lost the women in in those days knitted macromay made quilts and croshaey to make the lace doilies and warm covers for the winter &warm clothing

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    craigrice The structure of a kitchen everything from titles, responsibilities, even the hat and uniform were all put together by a French chef. He model it based on the French Army. One of the responsibilities he demanded from his chefs is that whenever a person wanted to learn, you teach them. Hide nothing; not a recipe or technique. I knew a young lady about 10 years old that wanted to learn how to do English Bobbing Lace, very much a lost art. There was only one person in all of Houston that taught the class. When I tried to sign her up for the class, this woman would not consider teaching a child, way beneath her. I learned how to do it so I could teach this girl. (just was going through a few things and came upon the materials). I appreciate the help people on this site share information. What we need now is interested young men and women that are eager to be taught. Finding more of this with all the restrictions going on. Have begun teaching sausage making to a few guys in middle school.

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    Chef the world is an interesting place. My sister is visiting and so she can help with the new baby. Yesterday I spun up a few meatgistic videos and she kept remarking about how I watch some strange stuff. Though she never asked me to turn it. One video was the blood sausage episode and I had to agree it wasn’t that appealing, but it was interesting.

    Then dinner rolled around and she kept raving about how good everything was and kept asking questions about the technique. My father in law kept telling her he probably has a meatgistics video you can watch if your interested.

    Even with all the not so wonderfulness that’s going on we are privileged to live in a time where you can learn about or how to do anything without leaving the comfort of home. For those skills and techniques that are hard to come by I encourage all of you old timers to document them and pass them on.

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    pr0wlunwoof I so agree. This morning I ran into something I haven’t seen in awhile. Since this will not allow me to put up a link, search you tube for “red skelton pledge of allegiance” just add the www stuff. We need to see where we came from to know just how off course one can get.

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    Yeah. I’m not sure how to understand everyone. Their are allot of people who choose their own impowerment over the greater good. To the point tragedies are taken and spun into nothing but a political message which causes more devision and stands in the way of healing and the fair analysation of the facts. Its not going to get better without some life changing events and unfortunately I believe those will be hard for everyone.

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    Nice to see people sharing some good experiences! I’ve said it before but I am very thankful for the type of people we have attracted with meatgistics! Soon we will have a poll on what new Categories you want for any non meat processing stuff. We are getting close on the new website and once that happens (well I am sure a little after cause we will probably have to put out fires for a bit) we will spend a lot more time on meatgistics!

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    Jonathon What percentage of sales is the hobbyist and small custom processors as compared to the major producers. I got both your 2021 catalog as well as your 2020 fall savings. wish I knew about Waltons when I had my restaurants open. There is alot of equipment ment for the big boys.

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    Chef The majority of our business is commercial still but the retail has being growing every year at an impressive rate. There is some good-hearted competition inside Walton’s as to which side can grow faster/become bigger but us on the retail side started out way behind!

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    Jonathon Just what I thought. I’m sure margins are very different as well. I do not know the structure of Waltons, just you and Austin . For you two and any others involved to take such good care of us small guys, well all I can say is thank you. Obviously, there is a great investment helping the hobbyist and small guys. Frankly, My wife works in education outside the home. I live in a rural area. I so enjoy this site, it means so much more than just information. I have connected with so many people through Meatgistics - wonderful people. Your site I believe means so much more than just an educational source of information.

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