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    Just banged out 50# of snack sticks this weekend using Walton’s 19mm casings, pepper jack cheese and family spice recipe. The hydraulic stuffer loves those 19mm casings!
    I also got one pack of 21mm natural casing to do some breakfast sausage but we ran out of pork. I spent about an hour flushings and preparing the casings, i can tell you these are some of the best natural casings we’ve used. Only had one shorty and most were long and no holes, can’t wait to make more smoked breakfast sausage and I’m definitely going to stock up for fall while they are on sale in June!!!0_1497273004041_IMG_1452.jpg

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    Glad to hear the 19mms worked for you! Maybe the guys will start preferring them to the 17s since they worked so much better with the casings?!

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    I tell the fellas all the time there are two ways to do things, the way I’m gonna tell you to do it and all those other ways you knuckleheads think it should be done! Not even an option going back to 17mm, they didn’t even notice, all they said was can we put more cheese in the next batch! Thanks for the suggest, fits the stuffing tube perfectly. I tried to get a video of the stuffer in action but we had a technologically challenged camera operator, needless to say— no video…

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    Parksider Thanks for trying to get the video but no worries! Glad things came out well!

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    I made my first snack sticks today the taste is fine but the outside of the meat is hard any ideas on why would be great I did not use Walton’s stuff so I followed the directions on the package which said put in smoker on 200 for 2 hours or until the internal temperature got to 165 I think I know what was wrong but advise from everyone here would be better than me thinking I cooked them to high from the start they were not done in 2 hours more like 6

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    gus4416 hey congratulations gus! Snacksticks are one of the best uses for meat, you’ll love them!
    I’d guess what you’re probably thinking… too high temp. If you start too high, the outside cooks and dries enough it won’t let moisture from inside migrate through. Called case-hardening. So you get a hard dry outside, softer inside. The stepped ramp up drying schedules you always see are built to avoid this and let sticks dry uniformly without getting a hard outside.
    Usually something like:
    1 hr 120
    1 hr 130
    1 hr 140
    1 hr 150
    170 until IT of 160 reached.

    Anyways, the good news is this: totally solvable. The temps reached pathogen lethality levels sounds like. Just stick all your sticks into a ziplock or vacuum sealed bag, toss in fridge. 2 or 3 days. The moisture will all migrate and equalize to a uniform hardness, and you’ll be happy with them. Folks have to do this with salami all the time when the outside dries a bit faster.
    How do they taste though?

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    Dave in AZ thanks Dave I figured that is what happened I used high mountain I got at bass pro so I should have done the cook schedule my way or let’s say Walton’s way thanks again

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    Parksider that’s a bunch of sticks 😳. They look great. Congrats

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