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    Hey guys, again, come seeking your wisdom.

    I was gifted about 15lbs of leaf lard and back fat. I ground it all through my 10mm plate packaged in 1lb packs and put into the freezer last night. I do a variety of stuff with waterfowl, turkey, and ALOT w/venison. I’ve kinda learned what I prefer for mixtures for the things I make BUT I have always purchased pork butts and ground them for my pork mixtures.

    Is it ok to just use the pork back fat instead of pork meat/fat? How should I adjust my ratios. I assumed pork but are about 30% fat? Will my products turn out differently with straight wildgame and pork fat?

    Rough Ratio: lean/pork butt
    Brats: 40/60
    Snack sticks: 60/40
    Bulk sausage: 70/30
    Summer sausage: 85/15

    If its not desirable to use Im not really out much and can use it to feed the birds.


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    When i process venison I always use pork fat. Usually 10% in my hamburger, 30% for meat sticks and summer sausage. Always turns out well. I have a local butcher order a 25# box and I split it into 1# packs and freeze. I mix it in when I grind.

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    deanlorensen Great gift! So, what I’d do is save that pork fat and use it with your ducks/geese and other birds. I am finding more and more that I prefer pork fat when making sausage from fowl as mixing it with pork butts works but the bird kind of gets run over. Using just pork fat will let the bird stand out more and that is a good thing! Deer can stand up to pork better so I would go ahead and keep doing the pork butt thing with that.

    For any sausage like to be in the 70/30 to 80/20 range so I’d just add 2 lb of pork fat to 8 lb of goose. Figure the goose or duck has some fat (depending) already so adding enough to be at 20 should get you in the right area! Enjoy and make sure to share pics. If you like Pepperoni, goose with pork fat is awesome for pepperoni

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