Best stuffer for snack sticks.

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    I’ve used a 7lb Hakka stuffer for about two years. Makes large sausage well. Snack sticks have always been difficult. Need lots of power when using 17mm casings even when watered down. The upper hopper mount broke today when stuffing 22mm breakfast sausage. Bracket cracked at weld. What would be a recommendation for a stuffer that can handle 17mm snack sticks. Is the Walton stuffer made by Hakka? Thanks for the input.

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    The 11# Walton’s stuffer seems to be the consensus best stuffer for most users here.

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    @jroby3646 The 11# is the all around best value for all stuffing. In the last year alone I’ve easily produced over 12,000 lbs of fresh sausage and thousands of pounds of snack sticks and summer sausages with a single hand crank 11# stuffer running on the original gasket. I generally go with a larger snack stick (22 I think) for ease of pushing. I’m not sure you’ll find any stuffer that will make that size ‘easier’ to crank. Small is always going to be difficult but larger than the 11 will be a challenge.

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    Hi thanks for the reply

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    @jroby3646 The other thing I would say is that 17mm is going to be tough on any hand crank stuffer. You can make it easier by adding some extra water but then you have to cook out that extra water you added in so your cook will take longer and I think it effects the consistency of the stick. Switching to 19mm is generally what we suggest. We used to include a 10mm stuffing tube so people could do as small as 16mm but the gears weren’t handling that as well as we wanted so we went ahead and removed the 10mm tubes from the box. They can still be purchased but that way we think it makes it more clear that we don’t recommend stuffing less than 19mm with hand crank. And on the 26 and 33 lb models stuffing into a 17mm casing is a serious workout!

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    Thanks for the comment.

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    Hi so for the 19mm casings is it best to use a 12mm tube or something else.

  • Where do you get the smaller casings?

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    @jroby3646 Yes, the 12mm should fit the 19mm casings. I have had 1 12mm tube that the 19mm did not fit over for whatever reason. If your 12mm won take 19mm casings let me know. you can find 16 and 19mm 3 packs there.

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    Good I have Waltons 19mm casings. I’ve been waiting to make another batch of snack sticks for a while now. Now I just need to order my 11# stuffer. Thanks for the post.

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    Allenp. Hi I ordered 17mm from Amazon they were the LEM brand. To be honest I had a lot of trouble with that order bursting during stuffing and it was very frustrating. This is why I ordered the 19mm Waltons product. They have good reviews so hopefully will work great.

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    I have the Walton’s 11 lb stuffer and it works great for everything I use it for, with the smallest casing I stuff being the 19 mm smoke collagen when I make snack sticks. The only issue I have had is if I am stuffing by myself it can be a bit tricky to crank and control the casings at the same time but most of the time if I’m doing sausage or snack stick one of my daughters will crank it for me. If I’m stuffing meat bags or larger casings like a salami or summer sausage I can do it on my own no problem.

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    I got the 11 pounds waltons too. I have done a ton of sausage with it. Zero complaints

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    @jroby3646 we used the #11 for a few years and eventually broke it doing snack sticks in 17mm. So new we only do 19mm and bought a hydraulic stuffer and it will kick the breaker is we are doing sticks with cheese. If you want to do volume buy a Talsa hydraulic stuffer you can’t go wrong but dropping $3-5k is no joke. I wouldn’t trade my stuffer for a hand crank even if someone else was cranking! We found ours on Craig’s list. A butcher shop upgrades and we grabbed it quick!

  • No expert here but something I noticed or assume. I will use 21mm casing as an example. To get the collegian casing on as packaged it is recommended to use 13mm tube. But, if you unravel the casing you can use a 19mm (3/4 inch) tube instead of the 13mm or 1/2". To me it would be much easier to push with larger tube even though you will have to make shorter runs of your stuffed meat with the same hank.

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    Thanks to all for your replies.

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    I have a #11 stuffer not from waltons from the other guys works great with the dual speed for snack sticks…we also have. #15 single speed stuffer it’s a pain in the a$$ to make sticks with it…I use 19mm casings for snack sticks with a 10 or 12mm horn can’t remember size of horn

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    Joe Hell Do you find doing that many pounds of meat is a hassle to reload stuffer all the time? I think the 11lbs stuffer would be nice because reviews say easier to crank. Husband wants 26lbs because holds more, however my concern is strength to turn crank. Thoughts? And of course don’t want to miss great sale .

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    Mschmidt If you’re doing fresh sausage or bratwurst then the 26 is the right tool. If you’re doing snack sticks say 19mm or 21mm then the 11 is the right tool. The 26 had a large diameter and spreads the pressure out too much making it hard to crank with small diameter casings and meat with cure in it. The 11 had the dual speed “up” so it goes quick, you’ll learn to make balls and drop them in the stuffer to quick reload. The 11 is the most versitile stuffer out there, trust me we’ve busted them all and had to go to a hydraulic because we do 19mm sticks with cure and cheese, the 26 will never survive nor will or cranking shoulder! Good luck and make sure to post pics!

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