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    Do we have any refrigeration techs in the house? Today I scored a walk in door/frame, compressor, evaporator for an 8x8 freezer. I left the panels in the dumpster because they were pretty beat up and I was planning constructing a walk in cooler into a unique place in my garage.

    I was hoping to find out what parts I need to convert to go from a walk-in freezer to a cooler or possibly a walk in freezer/cooler combo with some kind of powered damper on a thermostat. Mainly Im trying to figure out parts cost, not that Im gonna be there person doing it.

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    deanlorensen I’d take a look at the coolbot. It runs a large window air conditioner lower than it should go. There are at storeitcold.com. I didn’t get all the compressor and so on, I just bought the walkin that was in good shape 10’x7’x9’ and i have no problem running it with 4 deer in it at 38F when it was 65F outside during archery. The key is the door frame and the corners, all the restaurant supply guys say there are the hardest to get. You may be able to pick up the walls on the cheap to match your door. I cut the hole in ours and I’m no electrician but it took about 10 minutes to get it set up. I haven’t set up the wifi but the idea of being able to turn it on while you’re in the field and cool it off before you get the deer back is pretty cool. I use a 12k old school beast of an AC unit. So much easier than dealing with all the parts and paying a tech to come out for a one off service call unless you have a buddy…
    I was in the restaurant business and they were always having issues if you don’t run them on a regular basis. If you just planning on using it for deer season i’d go with the AC unit, you can scoop an old on up on CL for $100 ish and the coolbot is like $300 just googled it and found one at keg factory. I’d also look on their facebook page they usually have some special deal going on. If not call the order in and ask for a coupon…never hurts
    You can see in the pic I set up rolling metro shelves on one side for storage and we used an old fire escape to make a rack to hang 4 gambrels off of. You can zoom in on it in the back, also watch the coolbot videos on their website or youtube. It really does work well.
    Works great and everyone is jealous. Plus you can get your buddies to bring 12 packs to store their deer in your cooler!!

    cool bot.jpg

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    I use the coolbot as well. Hung and aged a beef this summer for 14 days. Does a great job holding the right temperatures if you build your cooler right.

  • Team Orange

    Yeah the coolbot and window shaker were my original (and fall back plan). The ideal situation is NOT to use those due to noise inside my attached garage, I’ve been in contact with coolbot support a few times regarding outdoor winter use for the window unit and several other advice regarding structure. The size of my cooler is going to be odd because I will be building over top of a stairwell and use up some unused air space. So if all else fails I go back to that idea, I’ll probably run an ITC1000F controller instead due to cost.

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