• Team Orange

    After watching many videos and reading many post on this site, below is my snack stick plan. I welcome your feedback to make my first attempt a success. Thanks all!

    Venison/Pork Snack Sticks
    3# Pre-ground Venison 80/20 beef fat
    3# Pork butt
    Cube pork and ground venison (semi frozen)
    Grind pork thru 3/8” plate
    Mix pre ground venison & ground pork (put in freezer again if not ice cold)
    Add Willies Seasoning (184g)
    Add Sure Cure (6.8g) mixed with 8oz cold water
    Add Sure Gel (40.8g)
    Add smoke powder (6.8g)
    (put in freezer again if not ice cold)
    Grind thru 1/8” plate
    Mix by hand for a long time to get good protein extraction (may use kitchen aid mixer)
    Add ECA (27.2g) and mix again but don’t over mix
    Divide into two 3lb batches
    To one 3lb batch;
    • Add dried jalapenos (6 peppers)
    • Add high temp cheddar (5 oz for 3# meat)
    Mix until evenly distributed
    Add meat into my new Black Friday Walton 11lb stuffer
    Use smallest stuffing tube
    Stuff into 19mm collagen casings
    Put in Excalibur Dehydrator with fan
    • 1 hr at 125 degrees
    • 1 hr at 140 degrees
    • 2 hr at 155 degrees
    • Move to oven at 175 degrees until internal temp of 160
    Remove and put in ice bath
    Dry on rack with fan circulating air
    Refrigerate overnight
    Cut to length and Vac seal
    Re-wrap 11lb stuffer and put back under tree before wife gets home 😊

  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    Sneaking Xmas gifts… Luv it. Looks like you’ve done your research well. Good luck👍

  • Looks great. Make sure you get the nooks and crannies in that stuffer clean before you re-wrap it!

  • … and post pictures when you’re done!

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    keend0 Your process looks spot on to me, there really isnt anything I would do differently, good luck! Also, I didnt check your math on the grams, but they look about right and I like breaking down into grams, it is much better than oz for small batches.

  • Yearling

    Smoke powder? Well, that gives you another piece of equipment to ask for next Christmas or for your anniversary. Honestly, your jerky will be fine with the smoke powder, but you’ll have to take some C-R-A-P from guys like me. Ha!

    Also, I have a Cuisinart mixer that’s a Kitchen Aid clone. Bowl is plenty full with 5# of meat/fat/water, but it does a dandy job. I run mine on setting 1 (slowest), using the flat paddle rather than the dough hook. Takes me 10-11 minutes to get the stickiness I like.

    Lube up that stuffer and tube because it takes all kinds of pressure to force that meat into a 19mm casing, which is what I use also.

  • Team Orange

    Kentucky Fisherman I should expect no less jabbing as I am a bit of a purist and usually dish it out myself. 🙂 A better grinder is next on my list (current KA mixer) and a hanging smoke rack for my WSM 22.5. https://www.hunsakersmokers.com/products/stainless-steel-rib-hanger

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