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    Austin I use the free version as well, its nice to know that something has been delivered or you have a package coming.

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    I’ve been signed for My UPS, UPS notifications and My Choice UPS for several years. I received the delivery text 22 minutes after the actual delivery. I chatted w/UPS and didn’t get anywhere with them.

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    I had an issue yesterday where I was notified they delivered at my front door at 2:57pm… I looked 5 mins later and there was nothing. I sent an email and they said they delivered. Funny thing is I never heard the truck come. About an hour later at 4:14pm I heard a truck. It was a few houses away. There were two people which I have never seen before. They were picking up packaged from houses down the street from me and putting them back in the truck. When they got to me they had a guilty look on their face and sure enough they had my package. The person said they had a new driver and he did not know the route. OMG so they don’t know how to read address?

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    Austin said in Porch Pirates!!!:

    I would recommend signing up for UPS My Choice.

    For free, you get some good notifications on any shipments coming to your address. If you have a big problem with package theft, you can do more with the UPS service if you pay an extra fee, and then you have more controls on your shipments to control a few things. Including changing address, choosing specific days for delivery, change to a UPS Access Point for delivery (a much safer option than something left on your front porch), and all SurePost shipments (where USPS is the final delivery) get upgraded to Ground for free.

    I know, sounds like an infomercial for UPS… I don’t pay for the “premium” version, but I definitely see the use case for certain people. I did sign up for the free version to easier track everything shipping to my house though.

    I have both UPS and FedEx trackers active. Both update so slowly for me they are worthless. My relatives all INSISTED on sending gift cards and cash to me in the mail at my house mailbox. I did not get one single one! I also had a custom knife that cannot be replaced stuffed in my mailbox that would not close stolen. That one made a grinder look cheap in comparison. The mail carrier couldn’t even close the mailbox door so it was just sticking out of the mailbox for the first person to drive by. USPS would not cover insurance because they showed a GPS tracker delivery at the correct address.

    Waltons really should allow PO Box deliveries or do signature confirmation.

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    sidpost We only do PO Box delivery for very small orders (usually under 1 lb), and sometimes a priority mail option. We don’t have a way currently to show you if that is how it will ship on our website, but that may change when our new site rolls out in January.

    Signature confirmation is only added on orders over $700 or so that are paid via paypal. It costs extra to put signature confirmation on there, so we don’t on most orders. I could probably explore adding an option in checkout to add signature confirmation for an extra couple dollars.

  • Team Blue


    I checked out with a 22# grinder and 11# stuffer with my PO Box.

    However, Elizabeth contacted me to update everything. I’m not sure what a Porch Pirate would do with those but, that won’t stop them from stealing them.

    With package theft being so high, my choices are to drive ~65 miles round trip to get it at a hub or wait by my mailbox between noon and 9PM or not ordering it at this point if it won’t ship to my PO Box.

    So yes, a couple of bucks so they don’t just chuck it out the truck door is money well spent IMHO. I had a case of ammo with ORM-D requirements and signature confirmation left at the road by the mailbox which FedEx was not happy about paying for. The also threw my iPad and a new iPhone over the barb wire fence into the pasture ditch full of water even though the gate was wide open so, I’ll give them credit for not leaving it on the road by the mailbox but, really, in a water-filled ditch in a pasture?

    I get you don’t get Amazon rates to ship via USPS for bulky items like 50lb sacks of dog food, 65qt ice chests, etc. but, there really needs to be some options other than a blind drop at the roadside.

    To further complicate things, people follow the US Mail, UPS and, FedEx trucks to steal things right behind them out here.

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    sidpost where do you live?

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    Tex_77 said in Porch Pirates!!!:

    sidpost where do you live?

    Rural East Texas between Dallas and Shreveport/Texarkana. The migration from Dallas and Houston out here has been significant and law enforcement has been stretched pretty thin with population growth outpacing law enforcement staffing. With that, financial criminals have followed to take advantage of the elderly and with that came drug use and property crime.

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    sidpost Have you considered a package lock box by the drive. I built and anchored one down when I worked for a major wireless company. Drivers put things in there and saw a note that read, “please lock” when they opened it. Never had a problem after that.

  • Team Blue

    Can’t do that on the public easement, only the pole for the mailbox. Out here drivers for FedEx and UPS are supposed to leave packages at the house which for me is ~1200 feet from the road. USPS is supposed to do the same if the mailbox door won’t close.

    With schedule pressure, all of them except for my normal mail carrier ‘contractor’ dump them on the street for the most part with a few FedEx and UPS drivers actually dropping them at the house. FedEx and UPS ‘normal’ drivers are pretty good but, the luck of the draw random “substitute” drivers right now isn’t good.

    I delivered USPS Amazon packages for a while but, average delivery times meant I needed to speed everywhere and heave package out the door or window of the truck if I was going to come close to their delivery route time expectations. The vehicle I was in would float the rear end above 55MPH on the highway and had a 4-cylinder engine so that wasn’t an easy speed to reach. Being passed at 70MPH would blow the vehicle around in the lane. My route expected at an average speed of 47MPH including stops for package scans and drops on the route. Training and management harped on drive safely and be safe but, in practice, all they cared about was getting me off the clock 5 minutes sooner. My life wasn’t fulfilled risking it to deliver sacks of dog food and boxes of diapers to run-down trailer houses in rural areas of the county though, I did look forward to the nicer retirees looking forward to a new book or some new kitchen gadget.

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    UPS poured salt in the wound today as well. I was expecting my shipment of vac bags and Excalibur shakers today, Thursday. When I spoke to them yesterday they said they delivered 2 packages. So I assume my bags & shakers were hijacked as well! However they only emailed a POD for 1 package.

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    Bob Stehlik said in Porch Pirates!!!:


    Yes they are. Put it to them Bob!

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    Bob Stehlik
    Sorry Man!

  • Newest version of looting. Unreal!

  • Team Orange

    sad but true… can also pass for the distribution of wealth that is now gaining popularity in some states.

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    The mailbox thief got us last night or early this morning, must have walked into the community, because the gates are closed. He got an envelope with a check for the newspaper carrier. It was her Christmas tip. I beat them to the draw with a stop payment before the banks opened. They try to cash it, they’ll get their Christmas present, new bracelets and a free stay at the gray bars motel. USPS got the report along with our Sheriffs department. I wasn’t the only one unfortunately in the neighborhood. The trail cam will go up and I will catch the tweeker. He’ll be looking at the business end of my Glock next time.

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    johnsbrewhouse so sad that this s what our society has degraded too.

  • Austin
    For future reference, along with signing up with UPS Choice, I also signed up for USPS (reg mail) for same reason. But with the USPS they email you actual pictures of the envelopes of mail you are set to receive that day. Then they list packages arriving that day so you know what is coming on any given day.
    The GREAT thing with the UDPS app is you can order stamps, FREE mailing boxes and then print out a shipping label and have to mail person pick the package up at any given address you list.
    The FREE boxes all ship for one price (3 different sizes and 3 different prices) so no matter what you pack in it, it is one price and mailed PRIORITY MAIL.
    For Christmas I mailed a medium box to my sister in Oregon that weighed 30 lbs even and cost me $21.50 to mail. Mail carrier picked it up at my house in Texas Monday evening and my sister got it Thursday…AND NO DAMAGE like some experience with ups

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    I also have signed up with the USPS app. The one thing I can’t do with it is leave delivery instructions. They always leave it by the front door. Not good on a busy street. UPS and FedEx have that option.

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    PapaSop said in Porch Pirates!!!:

    I also have signed up with the USPS app. The one thing I can’t do with it is leave delivery instructions. They always leave it by the front door. Not good on a busy street. UPS and FedEx have that option.

    Your best bet is to talk to your postal delivery person and let them know to put them behind the trashcan, behind the planter, etc.

    My postal carrier leaves mine on my back porch steps. 🤗

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