More Smoke on an Already Smoked fully cooked ham

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    I would like to put some more smoke on an already cooked smoked store bought ham, but i am not ready to cook it for Christmas. some friends of mine would like more smoke on theirs as well. my question is do i just put cold smoke on it with no heat or do you put some temperature on it so that it warms up to room temp or hotter. i cannot find anything on this online anywhere. all i can find is double smoke then to the table, not back to the fridge. suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    there are many things to consider I think this question is an @ johnothan he can answer this with the proper safety’s considered

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    How do you plan on cooking it the day you’re going to eat it? Why not just heat and smoke again that day.

  • Is your ham spiral cut or unsliced?

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    sfred We have cooked or rather warmed a ham every Christmas for the past several years on the grill. I put the ham on my green egg Christmas day several hours before dinner and cook/smoke it at about 200 deg for several hours. It comes out so much better than just letting it warm to room temp.

  • A fully cooked smoked ham should be reheated to 135-140 degrees. Depending on size of ham and smoker temp, this can take 3 to 5 hrs
    I usually cut off the rind and set it on the smoker for a couple hrs to get the extra smoke on it then wrap in foil for a couple hrs to bring to 135 then unwrap and apply a glaze and let it caramelize.
    If I am using a spiral cut ham I set it on the grill grate flat side down and proceed the same way as above

    For reference, I catered BBQ for 18 years and have done many hams in that time

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    I forgot to add that we always get spiral cut. Good to hear someone else does it the same way. And a couple of hours sounds about right. Our hams arent real big and I have the next to the largest green egg grill. We love it this way and it frees up an oven.

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    I love my ceramic cookers!!

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    jbeach @marvs Ceramic grills are the best. I know I do a lot of cooking on mine, a Primo XL oval. Did almost the entire Thanksgiving meal on it this year.

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    I have a friend who has done his thanksgiving turkey on a plain old Weber for years. I would love to try it but we stuff our turkey and the tribe would revolt if it weren’t stuffed. I may get an extra turkey this year just to try it on the green egg later. I love the ceramic cookers as well. Never had food come out so moist.

  • jbeach when we had family for holiday meals we would often cook 2 turkeys but usually one oven baked for the die hards and then a fried one. The fried one was always done first and by the time the rest of the meal was ready the deep fried one was gone…lol

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    @marvs I’ve wanted to try a deep fried one as well. Sure cuts the time. Wow two turkeys. Must be a big family. Last year we had 12 and one turkey was good for meals for about half that crowd for several days after that. Do you make gravy?

  • jbeach when we would cook 2 we would use 2 that weighed 10-12 lbs each so we wouldn’t have TOO much left over but always enough to send home with who ever wanted some. I would keep the bones to boil down for turkey soup and turkey enchiladas
    ALWAYS gravy with roasted garlic & cream cheese mashed potatoes

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    PapaSop i plan on cooking it in the oven Christmas Day. i would like to do it this weekend along with the other peoples so i don’t have to do it Christmas morning. These are 15-18 lb precooked not sliced hams. i just want more smoke on them.

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    clarification. i have a 6’ x 6’ x 7’ smokehouse and i would like to do several hams at a time for myself as well as other people.

  • sfred commercially processed hams are smoked under VERY controlled environment and smoking conditions and cold smoked up to 6 (SIX) weeks…they start from fresh meat.
    In your smokehouse build a small fire (is starting with raw wood, burn down to coals) but I use lump charcoal, get it burning good and it will produce a light blue smoke (that’s what you want) then smoke your ham(s) 12 hrs @ 100 degrees…you will need to keep adding coals and adjust your temp/air intake to keep your smoker real close to the 100 degrees.
    This process will add smoke without cooking it more.
    When ready to eat, bring to internal temp of 135-140 degrees which will take 15-20 mins per pound at 325 degree oven

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    I know this is an older thread but I do a twice smoked ham every Christmas in my cook shack. I use a cheap precooked ham. Usually from aldi. Put it flat side down in a pan, add 8oz coke to pan. Score the skin and slather a can of apple pie filling to the ham. Smoke at 225deg. Your tongue will slap your brains out!

  • smokinbubba your recipe does sound GOOD but LOADED with sugar…if like me, that’s something to be of concern?

    I am certainly not knocking your choices, but I prefer to start with a higher quality ham (better quality=less added water) (added water content is listed on the package) and also after trying both pre-sliced and non-sliced, I prefer the non-sliced…now i just need to figure out how to make your recipe healthier for me.

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    Everything is calorie free on Christmas!!

  • smokinbubba
    I agree to a degree, I just limit myself more than I used to with smaller portions of those tasty treats

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