Would this work/Any engineers? (insane questions)

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    So, my wife is an engineer but she never knows the answers to my crazy questions and I’m sick of her looking to me like I am insane for asking some of these questions! So, I made this post for my insane queries.

    1. If the water boils in a vacuum would a vacuum microwave work better? It would be easier to excite the water molecules since the bonds are already broken, right?
    2. Why not just build 2 immense magnets and harness the power from them somehow?
    3. Why not have machines that generate energy from the tides?
    4. Why won’t daniel snyder sell the Redskins?
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    To answer #3, these machines exist, they just aren’t in wide scsle use due to cost and limited locatikns that work well for them.

    For answer number 2 google Inductance Energy Corp.

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    1. It is not atomic bonding that weakens, but rather the much more weaker hydrogen bonding. Water boils at a lower temperature in a vacuum because there is less pressure holding the water changing forms from liquid to vapor. Same thing with altitude adjustments, less air pressure thus lower boiling points.
      A vacuum microwave would increase the cost beyond reasonable. Consider a vacuum chamber food sealer. You would add easily $500 to $750 to the cost of the microwave with very little added benefit.
    2. Totally cost efficient. Changing forms of energy cost money. Many possible ways cost more than the energy is worth.
      3.Those machines exist, but not efficient or cost effective. Also have to consider that when humans try to do something for one reason, i.e. harvest energy, there are so many other variables that could go wrong.
    3. It should be up to him to sell, not society taking it from him…
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    To add to the above comments:

    1. A vacuum (or even low pressure) microwave would be of no use because there would be no cooking. It’s not the boiling that you want but the energy transfer. Now, if you are just looking to concentrate a solution, vacuum or low pressure environments come in very handy. A number of products are concentration by low-pressure boiling because the producer wants them concentrated -without- cooking them.

    2. Nothing is free. While there are some tidal generators out there, they are difficult to deal with and you don’t get much out of them. Unlike a river dam, you don’t really want to span many large sections of coastline with a tidal dam. To get away from the coastline, you have to deal with deep water. In any case, you are taking away something that that tidal action does, and that also needs to be figured in. It all can be done right, but it’s not as simple as plopping down some doo-dad in the ocean somewhere.

    3. Who are the Redskins?

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    I am looking at you the same way your wife did with these questions, then came actual answers. Mind is blown. Just goes to show how dumb i am just being a maintenance technician and occasionally play with meat.

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