ECA Usage Rates In Sausage Making

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    Is there any standardization in the processing industry for the % citric acid concentration of ECA?

    I see that Excaliber ECA is 60% concentration and they recommend using 4 oz per 25 lb meat block. Others are selling ECA and recommend using at 3 oz per 25 lb. I have not noted them listing the concentration of what they are selling.

    Are they using a different citric acid concentration?

    A 1 ounce difference may not sound like much, but anyone familiar with ECA knows that a little goes a long way.

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    processhead Yeah there will probably be similar if not the same. The reason we recommend 4 is that our commercial processors all do it for shelf stability, youcan still get a shelf stable at 3 oz per 25 but it is dicier and we figured if it was what the guys who do it for a living do, then we should recommend it to the home guy too!

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    Helps to know that background info, Jonathon. Thanks. We made up a batch of summer sausage this morning and used Excaliber ECA in the amount directed in the instructions. We always cook up some of the leftover meat from the bottom of the stuffer afterwards and the tanginess is just about right.
    Its just one of those things I obsess about a little when preparing ingredients

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