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  • Team Blue

    I have recently purchased a smoke pistol with cartridges.
    To add to my Master built smoker so I could cold smoke an have smoke for up to 4 hours. My question is has anyone used one of these and end up with a tar like smoke flavor? I have used it twice now an both times the food is just about non-edible.
    The Second time I tried running the fan on low but couldn’t keep it Burning. So I only got about 25 minutes of smoke an it stilled the tar taste or really strong smoke. I have noticed that the cup you put the Cartridge in has sticky tar like substance in it.
    Is this me or how it works dose anyone else used one of these?
    And have the same problem.

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    smokedog My guess would be it is more to do with the cartridges you are using. Do they have a batch # or anything on them? Did you get them through Walton’s? No, I have never heard of this problem but I havent done a ton of research on these units. The 2 times I have cold smoked with it I have had fine results each time.

  • Team Blue

    I could find a batch number No I Bought it from the (sausage maker) before I found Walton i’m a fairly new customer to Watson’s but bought a smoke pistol for Walton’s for my son for Christmas but he hasn’t used his yet. I was using a apple Cartridge.

  • Yearling

    I had used the smoke pistol to a number of years and never had a problem like that. I trashed the smoke pistols because of problem of getting the cartridges to ignite! Wasted more than I used. I have 2 Masterbuilt electrics and 1 propane and have never had any luck with the standard smoke arrangement on any of them.

  • Team Blue

    Don Brunner
    Don, have came up with a good add on for the Master built. I have a Louisiana champion barbecue smoker.
    Once I got it the Master built set for a couple of years.
    I was just hope maybe start using it again if I could got it to smoke with out add every 20 minutes.

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    Smokin-it cold smoke generator has been my solution. I can move it from one smoker to another no tools necessary, i use a mixture of 50% Trager pellets & 50% wood chips and have smoke for hours.

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    smokedog Have you tried conatcting about it? They might be aware of an issue with a batch or at least be able to give you some insight in to what is going on. Sorry, I’ve never run into that before.

  • I had one a long time ago and got rid of it. I never could get the cartridges to stay lit.

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    I use the msaterbilt 30 with a cold smoking attachment, with it you can add smoke at any temp. also great for smoking cheese I would recommend having this type of attachment for any setup

  • Team Blue

    Will I Watch some videos on the smokin it cold .
    When a head and order one today.

  • Team Blue

    smokedog. how did your smokein it workout.

  • Yearling

    I have 3 smokers , 2 of which are old Masterbuilt electrics. I was never happy with the smoke arrangement and converted them to smoke pistols but getting the smoke pistol cartridges lit was beyond messing with. With the Smokin-it unit i have as much smoke as i want and as long as I want it. As long as 6 hrs. on one charge. I use a mixture of wood chips and Trager pellets. the modifications to the Smokin-it was simply to turn the mounting screw holes to a slot. 2 screws in each smoker to hang the unit on is all that is required. The third unit is a Masterbuilt propane smoker and that one I had to put a hole in the bottom door for the smoke tube. I have my smokers in a shed at the back of my lot and if you really crank up the air flow this little unit will have smoke coming out of every crack in the shed, turn it down and the smoke is almost undetectable.

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    DB1938 If you have time it would be cool to see some pics of your setup(s) How big is your lot? I am anxious for my wife to finish her MBA program so we can move out of the suburbs and into the country, I want sheds at the back of my property and ponds that are all my own and vegetable gardens fit to feed an entire town!

  • smokedog I have had great results using smoke tubes filled with wood pellets. All kinds of wood you can use. They last ( depending on the one you use) about 4hours. I place a small piece of foil under it to catch the few ashes.

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