• smokinbubba I was doing the same research when I bought my mixer and was having a hard time getting any info from the manufacturer about their spline shaft sizes. What I did find though was adapter couplings online so I wasn’t too worried that I wouldn’t be able to get something rigged up if the shaft sizes were different. My backyard butcher grinder ended up matching up to Walton’s 40# mixer though so I didn’t have to use an adapter.

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    The spline on L*M products seem to be different than c*****s and Weston. The c*****s/Weston are all 3/4” by 6 spline. The problem is with the hub that connects the mixer to the grinder motor. This hub is where the big hand screw threads in to lock the two together or the grinder to the motor. These vary between 2” to 2.5” on the units I have researched.

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    Brandekm Also, backyard pro looks just like a Weston butcher series. They are offered by webstaurant supply and they claim to be the manufacturer. What size backyard do u have? I’m looking for a measurement on the inside diameter of the neck tube on a backyard #12

  • smokinbubba an adapter shaft would work like an extension and you wouldn’t have to worry about the hub size since they won’t mate anyways. I have a #22 and the grinder throat is a little over 2 inches wide.

  • I have a Cabellas grinder and I bought the 50lb mixer at BPS to attach to it. I used the mixer for 1 min and 40 seconds before it broke . After looking on line and calling Blue Sky it is a common problem with the way they welded the idle pulley in the gear box . Long story short if you get the 50lb mixer from BPS or c*****s before you use it i would take the gear box off and open it then either weld or JB weld epoxy both sides of the gear box where the idle pulley goes .

  • Jonathon Yep I was really happy when I found my new Waltons 50# mixer will work with my #8 L*M. My son thought he was gonna snag a deal on the L*M since I have the new Waltons #32. Sorry, son.

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    Tim Bailey Very common problem with these. I figure I will have my welder at work tig it back if/when it lets loose! There is only one option for the carnivore grinders and its the blue sky 50lber. I wish someone would come out with a 20lb model so I didnt have to do my small batches in the kitchen aid.

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  • Tim Bailey back from the dead post, I just bought the c*****s 50# unit and I think they changed up the gear box. All three gears look solid cast steel like impact tool grade, with enclosed bearings on either side of them. I see no spot welds. I have 5 Phillip head screws holding the box to the unit. Seems the older units have 4 Alan heads holding it on. Any way anyone can confirm this?58702605-402A-4481-AF75-F6A485F155B8.jpeg

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  • Old gears were inline with brass bushings.

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