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    Hello, what is the accepted process on whole meat clods in a vacuum tumbler. I have a Pro-Cut KMV-25, and was wondering when doing a pork butt/shoulder or brisket or even pork belly for bacon, do you do a marinade injection AND tumble marinade? Or is that not necessary. I thought about doing a marinade with added food coloring to see how deeply the vacuum tumbler will penetrate, but I figured Jonathan, or another protein guru, has probably run their own experiments and might already have an answer for me. Thanks for any thoughts or advice from personal testing that may have been done previously.

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    While I don’t have near the vacuum tumbler that you have, I usually tumble, then inject what is left into larges cuts such as roast or whole or half chickens, etc.

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    Fractured Fitness If you are doing a larger cut like a pork but, bacon or ham you want to inject and then tumble in a 50% strength solution. This is what a lot of the big boys do and it gets better and quicker penetration and more even cover. If you’re doing chicken breasts wings or something smaller reversing that like Tex_77 is talking about is fine as well. I have never done a color penetration test but maybe we should?

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