• I want to make smoked turkey bacon, I bought the imitation bacon #2 and the carrot fiber. I watched the video and it does not mention carrot fiber just meat stabilizer is that the same thing? Calling the customer service center sucks they don’t know anything also told me Don’t use the chat function either because they don’t know. Finally figured out how to get on here and so far I wouldn’t recommend the product to anyone for the trouble I’m having getting help anyway. I have gathered for 1 pound of Ground turkey I need .6 ounces of bacon cure and 2 4 oz of water bur do I really need the water? is it just for meat stabilizer whatever that is idk. The carrot fiber says 1.59 to 3.59 oz’s per batch can someone quantify batch 1 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb idk.

    Please direct me to a Ground turkey recipe that I can refrigerate for x amount of time and smoke in smoker for x amount of time at x amount of heat. I also asked if there were any meat derivatives in the imitation bacon #2 and customer service said no but now I don’t trust that answer. I am doing this because a family member has Lyme disease and anything besides turkey or chicken could kill her. I know just buy at the store well see i make pork bacon already for her husband and would like to make bacon for her as well.
    I hope to hear from the meatgistics team directly for help…

  • Team Orange

    Man, that’s another disease nobody needs, and I love the way you’re trying to help.

    Im not going to be very helpful myself, but my short time on this site has been met with a terrific response from many folks.

    Here a link that might be helpful in the meantime. If it works…

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    nthpnk Thats incredibly rough! You were already in the other post where we covered this though so I’ll answer your direct questions but the information is pretty much in that post already, maybe something new will come to mind while i am typing! This disease needs a cure asap, I would probably lose my job if I got it!

    Use https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/434/how-to-make-homemade-imitation-bacon-recipe as your base. No, carrot fiber and smoked meat stabilizers are not the same thing. Carrot fiber is a binder, designed to give you a better bind in your meat, smoked meat stabilizer is a cure accelerator, designed to let you go directly from mixing to smoking without having to hold the product overnight to let the cure work in the meat. So, yes, use carrot fiber or sure gel meat binder when using turkey or chicken because the lower fat content is going to require it to prevent an overly dry product. Then, if you used a cure accelerator then go right to the smoker (smoke schedule is in the above link) or if you do not use a cure accelerator then hold overnight to allow the cure time to work.

    Without pork fat the product is going to be less flavorful, sorry, there is no way around that, so your expectations should probably be managed a little! Also, we started adding Bacon Taste Booster which is designed to be added to bacon that is being injected instead of dry rubbed to provide a stronger taste. In the past we didn’t add this because it is not what it is designed for, however once we tried it we found that it is absolutely worth doing. Hope that helps!

  • Jonathon thanks for following up but no the video nor the bag of carrot fiber list an accurate measure for use. As stated previously i have deduced 1 lb of turkey would take .6 oz of imitation bacon, 2.4 oz of water but I do not know the amount for carrot fiber. I can figure the rest out.
    Please tell how much carrot fiber per pound of meat and confirm 2 4 oz of water is correct. Thank you

  • Jonathon please review the video and the corresponding transcript as carrot fiber application is not fully addressed. The customer service people recommend me buy it but could not tell me how to apply it. Also please review the use label on the carrot fiber package as it states per batch with zero reference to batch size. I’m sure with addressing these issues some questions would be eliminated as well as the frustration of finding the information.16123629214948872307504974305445.jpg

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    nthpnk At the top of the meatgistics homepage there is a conversion chart icon. If you click on that it brings you to https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/category/23/seasonings and we have broken down all seasonings, cures and additives into 1 and 5 lb batches in both weight and volume. Weight is always better to use as it is more accurate. 1 lb of meat would be 1 tbsn & 2 tspn (.16oz / 4.5 g) of carrot fiber, so go with .16 of an oz if your scale will measure that.
    Now, I recommend you use sure gel as this is a cured product and sure gel in general is better. Carrot fiber is still 100% fine to use for this, just in general using sure gel on cured sausage is better and fresh sausage (brats) is better with Carrot Fiber.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    nthpnk So, if you dont have a cure accelerator then grind and mix everything and then hold it in the pan overnight to let the cure time to work.

  • Jonathon thank you. .16 and 2.4 oz of water for 1 lb ground turkey for making turkey bacon got. I appreciate you giving me the answer

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