• Thanks for the explanation and pics on this post: https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/3411/grinding-and-mixing-for-breakfast-sausage-and-brats
    I just purchased some of Walton’s new equipment: #32 grinder, 50# mixer and 26# stuffer. I was pleasantly surprised that the mixer will work on my L*m #8 grinder.
    I have used a mixer only one time so I need some more instructions. I have heard y’all talk about protein extraction on smoked venison sausage. I did that last year, some batches were good, but at least one was mixed too long? Seemed to me it looked like that. It had a really fine texture and seemed mushy. How much do I mix and when? After the coarse grind and before final fine grind?

    Am I correct that the protein extraction is not needed when we make pork breakfast sausage? Do I use mixer to mix spices with cut up pork before any grinding?
    My mother and aunts and uncles have a big hog killing and sausage making festival/reunion each year in western Kansas, but as I live in Mississippi and have not attended many times I am not familiar with all the steps. I do know they mix the seasonings and meat chunks by hand before grinding, all 6 hogs.

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    RandyNight no need for protein extraction on breakfast sausage. I would seasoning after the first ir second grind. I have only seen one place and it wasn’t on this site that they seasoned the cut up meat before grinding.

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    RandyNight for fresh sausage you don’t need protein extraction. Seems like everyone has their own way of how they add seasonings. Usually I like to mix some water/liquid/stock with my seasonings before tossing into the meat block after the final grind. I have been known to mix the seasonings over the meat chunks to let sit overnight before grinding, but that is another story. Breakfast sausage is probably the easiest and quickest to make, try small 5# batches as you fine tune your recipe. Walton’s has some great seasoning options if you want to save some time. For cured sausages you want to mix to protein extraction, it is a sticky blob. Mixing for protein extraction is done after the final grind.
    There are some great instructional videos on the Meatgistics site. Keep things clean and cold. Keep notes and enjoy the hobby, you will always be learning.

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    RandyNight not trying to be mean or rude here, it sounds like you bought the cart before the horse. You just dropped big coin on items you may not have needed. Sounds like you have little experience and knowledge in meat processing, this is the place you want to be. How often and how big of batches do you intend to do per year?

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    RandyNight You are at the right place, research Walton’s videos and ask questions, people here are glad to help

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    The goal of mixing spices and meat is to get even distribution of the spices with the meat. Whether you are mixing by hand or with a mechanical mixer, don’t add all the spices at once.
    I add the spices gradually and try and spread them around evenly on all the exposed meat in the mixer. If you are mixing by hand in a tub, spread some of the spices over the entire area of the tub. Mix. Add some more. Mix. You get the idea.

    As the others have said, for fresh sausage, protein extraction is not as important as just getting all the meat ingredients and seasonings mixed well.

  • twilliams No offense taken, but I have been making venison smoked sausage for about five years and breakfast sausage for several years. We usually do about 3 deers worth of venison sausage and couple hundred pounds of pork breakfast sausage.
    Thanks to all for the tips and ideas.

  • twilliams said in Mixing sausage:

    You just dropped big coin on items you may not have needed.

    You’re right, but it as mostly a hobby and something I enjoy doing with friends and family so I’m not attempting to justify any ROI. Bought the grinder with credit card points through Paypal anyway. And now I bad want a chambered vacuum sealer, which is real coin! I am in construction so I like equipment…

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