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    I made a batch of brats using a commercial spice mix. I used pork butt for the meat. Everything went good, but when I cook them they seem overly juicy or greasy. Anyone had this issue? Did I have too much fat to lean possibly? I had read that pork butt would be the correct ratio so I just cut it and went with it.

    Thanks for any replies.

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    Biscuit Using pork butts shouldn’t have caused you any issues, though every butt is different. It’s really hard to know what the issue may be, to juicy or fatty to you, could also be perfect to someone else.

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    Yeah, most folks complain about when their sausage is too dry.
    Was this a fresh brat with no cure and no smoke? A fresh sausage will not bind up the fat and water as tightly as a cured and smoked sausage does and is just more likely to be juicier.

  • Team Orange

    This was a fresh brat. The flavor is not bad, just seem really juicy when you bite into them. Almost a little too juicy! It was not a fail by any means, just looking to make things better next go around. Thanks all

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    Biscuit in my opinion im not sure too juicy is possible. Unless one would use a 50/50 or more fat/meat ratio. Brats are typically 80/20

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    Biscuit Do you have any pics you could post of this too juicy sausage? I am wondering if perhaps you really did just get a pork butt that had somewhere north of 40% fat? Only thing I can think of. As I am sure you see from the other comments on here we don’t get too many people looking for a way to make a less juicy brat. One thing you could do, if you find this problem again, is to use either carrot fiber or super bind. Both are moisture retainers and they might suck up some of that juice so it is not as “runny”? The super bind will work particularly well as it is a combo of carrot fiber and potato starch, which will form a gel at 130° when the meat really starts to expel moisture.

    Now, I should say those “might” work, as I have never used them for that purpose, but it does stand to reason that this would work.

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    twilliams I gave my dad some brats a while back and asked later how they were…he said “good but too juicy”. I just scratched my head and wondered how that was a bad thing. I actually add water, beer or wine to every sausage I make.

  • Team Orange

    Jonathon, I do not have any pics. The flavor was not bad, like I say the only problem was when you bite into them you gotta have a couple napkins at the ready because they make a “greasy” mess! I have made brats in the past, never had the issue. I will look into adding carrot fiber or super bind in the future. Thanks for the help everyone.

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