• what do I need to add to change the texture of duck meat I added a binder and did a 50 50 mix with pork shoulder. the brats still came out with a weird texture. Do I need more fat? I have lot’s more meat to use but I am not happy with my last product I need help any duck meat people out there ? Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated . Duckbill

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  • I use pork loin instead of shoulder. It is more of a white meat than lshouldet and it helps offset the darkness of duck meat. I also use a medium plate grinder on the pork instead of a fine plate. Lastly I add 10% pork fat.

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    duckbill can you explain your full process, meat block, ingredients, amounts? What was your wierd texture? Too coarse/fine? Dry? Greasy?

  • I’m new to this so not sure what a meat block is. I ran both the duck and pork shoulder thru the grinder , then ran them thru together. I used waltons carrot binder some montreal steak seasoning ,3 tbl spoons kosher salt.1/2 oz of liquid smoke,1/2 cup water,1/2tsp nutmeg,1tbl sp paprika,1tsp pepper,some chopped jalapenos, and some cheddar cheese.

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    duckbill meat block would be your poundage of meat that you used. It is common for people to do 12.5 lb and 25lb meat block. Most seasoning packs are for 25lbs and is quite easy to split in half. There are people that do smaller batches like 5lb or 10 lb and measure in grams to get the correct amounts of seasoning and cure for the poundage of meat being used. Also people that individualize seasoning such as you have. Did you follow a recipe with your measurements or just trying to come up with your own flavor? For example if i was to take your duck and do 50/50 for 25lbs total would be…
    12.5lbs duck
    12.5lbs pork shoulder

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    duckbill if it was me looking to make a fresh brat using duck here is what i would try for 25lbs.

    15 lbs 80/20 pork trim or pork shoulder
    7.5 lbs duck
    2.5 lbs pork fat
    Prepackaged seasoning of choice
    500ml water
    2 lbs high temp cheese
    32mm-35mm pretubed hog casings

    Grind twice through a 3/8" plate,
    Add seasoning, water, and cheese,
    Lightly mix til seasoning and water is equally dispersed ( a few minutes)
    Stuff with meat stuffer and link to preferred length.

    Was your cheese high temp cheese?

    With being new to meat processing i recommend starting with prepackaged seasoning. Once you get familiar with the basics then venture out and try different things with your own recipes and flavors.
    If you want to do smaller meat block just to try then just cut amounts appropriately.
    I hope this helps you

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    twilliams Nicely done sir. duckbill Only thing you might think of changing is the twice through 3/8" plate, instead maybe do a 3/8 and then a 3/16th. Now I am only saying that cause you are looking for a different texture. When making brats I often go twice through a 3/8" but EVERY time I do Dylan notices that I did that cause he thinks they are too chunky. It is amazing that he can pick up what he does in sausage.

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    I have used duck for summer sausage and it does have for lack of better term weird texture. I grind all the meat and fat I am using first through a 3/8 plate then the duck through a 1/4 inch plate and the fat and what ever else meat I am using though a 3/16 plate. The duck seem to hold a better texture not being ground quite so fine. Hope this might help.

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    Are you using wild duck or domestic?

    I find the texture/moisture content of the wild duck breast meat to be much higher than beef or venison. When I’ve tried to fine grind the duck it turns into almost a wet mush which was less desirable when making sticks. Its entirely possible I was achieving protein extraction and didnt realize it. I would use twilliams process and I would double grind 3/8th duck meat and then the pork I would do 3/8 then 3/16 that Jonathan mentioned.

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    deanlorensen I use wild duck. Good friend is an avid bird hunter so at the end of the season he brings over his duck and we work out some sort of a deal. And I put the duck meat in the freeze till it is almost frozen. Helps keep it intact while grinding. And back in the freezer between grinding too. And put the grinder head in the freezer for a while also. Really helps.

  • To all that helped with the duck meat issue Thank You All ,I think it’s going to be abit of trial and error . I’m doing 5lb batches so I will be able to experiment

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