Finally, the ham I was looking for!

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    After butchering our hogs, I had 6 boneless hams to contend with. Having never cured a ham before, I was a little worried I would not be able to make a ham that is as delicious as what we had always bought in the store. After searching around for recipes and tips online, I stumbled across Walton’s Inc. and decided to go with the California ham spice along with sweeter than sweet. Two hams went into the freezer but I still wasn’t happy. They had a good flavor but neither of them made me want to eat the entire ham when I pulled them out of the smoker. On the last one, I decided I had to do something different. I added slightly more California ham spice than was called for (half a teaspoon more or so), injected it, and let it brine for five days. When I pulled it out, I decided with this one I would try some brown sugar on it while it smoked. I rubbed brown sugar inside of it before I rolled it up and stuffed it inside a ham net and then slathered the wet ham with brown sugar. I then let it sit overnight in the fridge before tossing it on the smoker. This time I went very light on the smoke. When I pulled that ham out and slicedthe first piece off…I could…not…stop! Absolutely delicious. Even my wife, who is not as big of a fan of ham as I am, took a bite, her eyes got big, and said, “Ohhh, that’s a good ham.” So, I now have 3 more hams defrosting and they will get the same treatment. Thanks for the great product, Walton’s!

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    chrispbrown27 That’s awesome! We love when people have a huge success with a product that they slightly modify! This is part of what meat processing is all about, trying new things and continuing until you get the result you want. One note, it seems like you did but taking good notes when you are trying new things is absolutely essential. Few things are more frustrating than finally hitting on what you wanted and then not knowing how to get there again!

    If you have any, please submit pics and I will have Londyn post this to our social media accounts.

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