very difficult and trying day pk100 meater and traditional cajun andouille

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    Ok, I purchased the pk100 about 2 months ago. I made bacon and all went well. I attempted traditional andouille today. First I have a meater thermometer. It just stopped working. Tried pairing with other devices and no luck. Not even the light on the meater plus is working. Next I moved on and used a grilleye pro. I inserted a probe on one of the racks and one in a link of andouille. All was well until I got above 130 or 140. The smoker said the temp was 130 132 133 so I wasn’t to concerned. I then tried to go up to 155 and couldn’t get that to happen unless I switched the wattage to 1250. I still havbe the andouille in the smoker as of 8:12 P.M. Product has been in the smoker since about 11:00 A.M. this morning. Just checked the temp with the switch on low and I am around 150, thats what the grilleye says. Not sure where the wattage should be increased from 625 to 1250 degrees. Then there is the andouille, it should be a sort of dry sausage. Mine seems to be moister than it should be. I obviously have a lot of questions about the pk100 and the product I am trying to make. IF there is anyone out there that can help I would totally appreciate it. I do have difficulties using the meatgistics site with screen reading software and braille. I’d really like to get all of this figured out. A phone call, email exchange would be great. That would illeminate the difficulty in posting to meatgistics. Wouldn’t even mind if the emails and questions were posted, just difficult to navigate to post, read posts and respond.

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    no_eyes_processor dont know your email or phone number so this best i can do. Not sure on the anduoille but for the pk100 i have read to keep the wattage on 1250 the whole time from start to finish.

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    How many pounds of andouille do you have in the smoker?
    The amount of raw product will determine how much wattage is needed to raise its temperature.

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    Always use the 1250 watt setting. Ignore the 625

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    no_eyes_processor First, I recommend you always run at higher wattage. Lower wattage seems to be an option they installed for R&D reasons as far as I can tell? Second, I am guessing your base unit for your Meater + is out of batteries, it does take 1 aa or aaa in the back of the unit. We can talk about this afternoon when we call you?

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