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    I asked about a boneless ham video and thought I might share some pictures of what mine come out looking like. Basically, I have taken the boned meat, cured it flat and then kind of rolled it then put it in a ham net. There can be a hole in the center but, as long as I get the vast majority of the fat trimmed off, it will somewhat bond back together making a complete ham. I have looked into other options but they don’t seem to work well for the home processor. This is the best picture I have right now. I have one coming out of the brine 5 days from now and if you would like I can take more detailed pictures of what it looks like after the brine, in the netting and after smoking.

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    I’d like a recipe for party time ham!

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    Decided to add some pictures and details on my final ham. As mentioned before, I used the sweeter than sweet cure. After curing, I slather it down with a heavy coating of brown sugar and stuff it into the netting. Basically, when it goes into my makeshift netting stuffer I sort of roll it up so that the side with the least fat is touching. Once in the net, I shake the ham down so that it is nice and tight. After this it goes in the smoker. I am not really particular on the smoking schedule. I start low and work my way up until I hit 145. In the last couple of pictures you can see that the ham does not seal completely back together, but it will hold together well enough to make me happy.

    PXL_20210305_171233209.jpg PXL_20210305_171216608.jpg PXL_20210305_171751662.jpg PXL_20210305_172031439.jpg PXL_20210305_172137032.jpg PXL_20210305_223346503.jpg ![PXL_20210305_223714739.jpg]
    (/assets/uploads/files/1614986903518-pxl_20210305_223714739.jpg) PXL_20210305_223527733.jpg PXL_20210305_223714739.jpg PXL_20210305_224053764.jpg

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    Really looks good!

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    Thank you. It tastes pretty good too. I gave some to a neighbor to get his opinion on it. He has been smoking his own country ham for a number of years and prefers country ham. He came over a few days later and said, “Well, your ham is good, but I hate to tell you this but it tastes like you bought it at a store.” To him, that was a bad thing. To me, that was a good thing.

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