Goose Pepperoni Sticks - Question

  • Followed the goose pepperoni sticks recipe and it called for 3/4 gal of water.

    It seemed a bit extreme but I stuck w/ it and I now have pepperoni hot dogs… Doh!

    Is this right and I messed something up? Or was 3/4gal for a larger amount than 12.5lbs??

    Anyway, they’re in the dehydrator now to see what we can make out of them but just curious what’s wrong.


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    sneaky87 typically it is no more than 1 qt of distilled water for 12.5lbs meat block

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    A year later, but this may help someone else. Their recipes are not for a set amount like 1 kg always… you have to read the recipe, then multiply ALL ingredients including water, by whatever ratio you are making vs. The recipe. I noticed on their pepperoni recipe, it can be super confusing because they list the meat amount they used 10 LBS, THEN ALL THE OTHER INGREDIENTS AS NEEDED FOR THEIR 25 LB RECIPE! Only later in the text do they say to divide the other ingredients.

    I would bet their recipe you followed was for 25lbs, the other ones I’ve read here mostly seem to be. You probably used 2x more water than recipe.

    This is why I love the recipe method used in all the Stanley Marianski, Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages. Every recipe in book is for 1kg meat, and every ingredient is by weight, not nebulous volumes like teaspoons, which can differ hugely depending on spice grind size and pack.
    Hope that helps! I only replied and noticed because 15 min ago I was reading their pepperoni recipe and thought, “That is waay too much water!” And only later noticed their recipe was not listed all in the same product amount format.

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    It wouldnt let me edit after 3 min, so I just lost a bunch of tweaks 😞
    Looked at their goose stick recipe. I think that is a typo, should read 3/4 quart, not gallons. Most recipes use around 10% water, so for 12.5 lbs meat thats 1.25 lbs water, or 2.3 cups.

    In their pepperoni stick recipe below, from their meatgistics video page, you can see how they give the meat amount they are using, then the UNADJUSTED WATER AMOUNT. Only later in text, easy to miss, do they adjust the water! This is a terrible way to list a recipe, all ingredients listed already adjusted per calculation except one, then telling you to adjust that one later:


    4 lb of Beef Trim
    6 lb of Pork Butt


    1 Bag Pepperoni Unit
    2 Quarts of Ice Cold Water <--------!!!
    Fibrous Casings
    Hog Casings
    Collagen Casings

    Optional Additives:
    Carrot Fiber
    Encapsulated Citric Acid


    Since we are making 10 lb of pepperoni we will need to divide out the seasoning, cures water and additives we are going to us. Since this bag of seasoning is enough for 25 lb of meat and we are making 10 lb we need to divide the weight of the seasoning by 2.5, make sure you do the same for the additives as well. That gives us .562 of a lb of seasoning, 1.6 oz of carrot fiber, 1.6 oz of Encapsulated Citric Acid and 0.8 of a quart of water. <-------!!!

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