Meatgistics Podcast: Smart Steak

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    Meatgistics Podcast: Smart Steak

    Go from Animal to Edible with the Meatgistics Podcast presented by Walton’s Inc. Each episode, Jon and Austin talk about their favorite recipes and share some expert tips and tricks for making sausage, jerky and snacksticks. Listen in as they have in-depth conversations with meat industry professionals and outdoor/hunting enthusiasts. Stay up to date on the latest news and current trends in the meat industry as we explore everything related to meat and more.

    What we talked about:

    Listen along as Jon & Austin talk about different techniques for tumbling your steak. Of course, we only reverse sear around here! Let’s find out if Austin can spot the difference between the two proteins.

    ###Meatgistics Podcast: Smart Steak

  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    To set the record straight. I believe Mr. Joe Hell came up with palate appeal. I’m still all over the mouth feel. LOL

    Lots of interesting stuff in this Podcast.

    Lab meat… No thanks, no way! Won’t even try it. I’ll be eating a ranch raised ribeye till the day I’m planted, hopefully with my Weber. 😜

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    PapaSop He’s got his weight loss journey and his interesting sausage and meat things he comes up. he has enough, I’ve determined it is you!

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