• Slim Jim’s ground, seasoned, with cure about noontime, I need to mix, stuff in casing yet. How long can I hold refrigerated before I should smoke & finish the product? I have to be at the Doctors visits mostly all day tomorrow when I Had Planned to smoke. Can I safely hod for 2 days in the fridge with out freezing?

  • deweymeats Sorry, title should be Refrigerate 2?days or freeze. It’s 12 lbs

  • Option 1: Refrigerate the ground seasoned meat 2 days, then mix thoroughly, stuff & smoke.
    Option 2: Freezer then thaw in 2 days, mix stuff & smoke
    Option 3: Mix thoroughly, stuff & let set 2 day in casing in fridge & finish in smoker

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    I think all three options would give you sticks that are safe to eat and would probably taste fine. Not sure whether the texture might suffer a bit though with options 1 and 2
    Given a choice of the three options, I would go with option 3.
    I think the more you can get completed before putting the process on pause, the better off the finished product will be.

  • Cool, thanks for your reply. It is like we all already know the answer, but with this great web team we gain the confidence. Am off to option 3

  • Team Orange

    I agree with option 3. The longer the mix sets the stiffer it becomes and can be a real pain to stuff.

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