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    Anyone on here have any experience with this smoker? I was wondering if you could dial the temp down to 150 to do summer sausage and snack sticks?

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    With solid fuel smokers, creating and controlling low temperatures needed for sausage can be a real challenge. Start with the knowledge that most of these style of smokers are for smoking fresh meat at higher temperatures which is the opposite of what you want for cured sausage.

    You could experiment with building a smaller fire and learning just how much charcoal you need to maintain a temperature of less than 180 degrees. You might also have to experiment with positioning the coals in a way that keeps the intense heat away from the lower end of hanging sausage. Better yet would be a finding a way to just lay sausages out horizontally on a rack.

    I never say anything is impossible and I am sure there are guys who have mastered what you are wanting to do, but there will be challenges to getting to come out right.

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    @NDMike I do all my smoking on a stick burner. Best way to control it for low temp is a small fire to start like processhead said. Flue wide open and I usually close the firebox vent all the way. If the temp starts to drop just crack the vent on the fire. When you hit the stall throw in some more wood and give it more air.


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