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    Well actually for din din tomorrow.

    Not sure if it was here on a thread that I picked up on the “Lobel’s of New York” brisket with dry rub and mopping sauce, maybe yes?

    Any hu, I picked up a prime packer from Sams in July last year. 17 lb-6 oz. Price was missed marked as I can’t believe even here a prime during the heat of last summer would have briskies below $3/pound.

    I saw a recipe above for briskie and thought what the L, and Y not. Dry rubbed using Lea and Perrins for a binder and had the smoker started @ 9pm. Put the brisket in @ 9:35. Going to mop it every 45 minutes to an hour early on then use the tallow that I am rendering for a splash or two till I wrap in in butcher paper that will be smeared with the talo till probe tender.

    It’s 11:30 and the lids are already heavy!

    Wish Me Luck!

    17 - 6oz Prime grade from Sams Club, trimmed off at most maybe 5 pounds of fat. Trimmed rather tight.

    Brisket went into the GOSM gasser running at a constant 225 to 231 degrees all rubbed up @ 9:00 pm last night. didn’t vary much at all. I love the needle valve mod I did! Black cherry and hickory was smelling really good! I mopped it about every 45 minutes or so. Geeze my lids were heavy early but I persevered for as long as I could. About 3:00 am I had been rendering the fat down to its purest liquid form of tallow. Just fat in the pan to simmer with nothing else to aid it. @ about 4:00 am temp was a low 140s and I used the tallow to mop once.

    4:30 I had to lay back in the recliner, set the alarm for 6 am.
    Up at 6 :oo am and dragged my a**e out to see where it was at and I saw a 157 IT. Great, rolled out the butcher paper 3-1/2 x’s its length and smeared some tallow over half of it. Laid the brisket on the paper and lightly added tallow over it and wrapped it up laid it in a full steamer pan, put it in a 230 degree oven. As I’ve heard somewhere before and especially when I use foil, “Btu’s is btu’s is btu’s.” Once again I set my alarm, this time for noon.

    Just after noon, Got up still dragging some but looked at the temp was 192 after 15 hours. 1 oc pm, Thought I’d see how it felt so I got the Thermapen MK4. I was afraid ti poke the paper too hard cause I didn’t want to pierce through the bottom. The small point of the probe just slid right through, the fatter section of the probe was the toughest part. When the probe was all through the paper there was no resistance and I mean zero! Almost like someone stole my meat! Turned the oven off at 1 pm and cracked the door open probe was 192.8 maybe? Left the probe and it hit a high temp of 193.4 with carry over.

    After a bit, I pulled it out of the oven and set on the top till dinner. Opened the paper and sliced it up after separating the 2 halves for dinner for She and me.

    Point was excellent and the flat was just a tad dry. Should have shut it down sooner. It’s been a long time since I have done a whole packer, most every time I get these I split it for corned beef and pastrami.

    Thanks for looking Chefs!
    I appre-c-ates it!
    Denny O

    Pics to follow from the flat cordless phone that looks like a TV. 😜

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    After the fact thoughts from Sundays smoke.

    I should have started probing it @ 180 degrees, I might have had a prefered flat. “She Who Must Be Obeyed” and me, do not like dry meats in this home! Sheez, when “SWMBO” and me, started dating near 52 years ago and her idea of a great steak might have been a round steak well done served with a side salad which consisted only of lettuce! I mean iceberg lettuce “only”, nothing else dressing included! Now if a great cut of steak is anything more than a IT temp of 132 degrees. I’m 66 and I can tell that she is not interested in it, she dive into it with passion when it is superb!

    I have found that the beef tallow rendered produces a great barely warmed up flat with just barely a touch of it tightly spreaded over the top! I kept a 30 oz can back brim full. Heck I might have to start making McDonalds french fries! 😋 Stand back, here comes “Denny O’s Tatoe Frenchies!” 🍟

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    What an interesting post. Are you a writer and a brisket dude? Well done. 🤣 👍. Great read!

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    @dennyo Wonderful display of “passion” pictures. Well done!!!

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    What an interesting post. Are you a writer and a brisket dude? Well done. 🤣 👍. Great read!
    No not a writer at all, lol, I’m just a construction worker with a passion for smoked or grilled meats.

    zbigjeff said in I FEEL LIKE BRISKET TONIGHT!:

    @dennyo Wonderful display of “passion” pictures. Well done!!!

    Thank you. 😊

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