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  • I’m a student pursuing graduation and it will be completed next month. I was confused about what to do after graduation. I once shared with my dad that I wanted to start a business, and now my dad suggested starting a restaurant. I think this is a good suggestion too, so I searched more about it. From my research, I realized that when starting a restaurant business its brand name and its location have a big impact on the growth of the business. Another thing I realized is that if the equipment is purchased from a branded refurbished shop, it will help beginners with their budget planning. Have you ever used such equipment before for your restaurant and can we use it for a while? Please share your opinion and it will be helpful for me

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    With the current climate I’d look into a mobile restaurant, i.e. food truck/trailer, and make friends with breweries, etc. that have outside food come in to feed their customers. Going full brick and mortar at this time would be even more difficult than it already is. Look at how difficult it is for the food service industry to get people back to work. There is a restaurant near me that has had to delay their opening for over 2 months because they can’t fill a staff. To me once you get your followers of your food and become successful to me it’s easier to go to the people than have the people come to you.

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    Used and refurbished restaurant equipment is bought and sold every day because it can be a good value and gets the job done.
    Just make sure you buy from a reputable seller or have someone with you who is knowledgable about the technical side of equipment .

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    tomtomy omy
    WOW - now this is a topic. As far as equipment goes, there are a lot of great buys with used equipment. Best are at equipment auctions.
    First rule is to take the time to visit and inspect the equipment. Research the availability of replacement parts. Have the ability to unload your equipment - for example, a double stacked convection is about 1100 pounds.

    I have gotten most of my equipment from auctions. Most were excellent buys, a few a waste, but for the most part, I have gotten some great deals.

    NOW - The real issue. Liking to cook IS NOT a good reason to start a restaurant. Get an experience restaurateur to to help. Get an experience chef to help both in the equipment you need, and the equipment you might want if the funds are available. Even the setup and dimensions of a kitchen can make or break a business. Back end printer locations are critical. Proper staffing is a must.

    You MUST have about 12 to 18 months of operating funds to begin the venture. Realize that 85% of startups fail in the first 2 years. Running mine was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. I began to break even in 1 year, which is more than a blessing. If this is in your blood, you will love it. If not, you will hate it.

    A few absolutes - You must have a trusted person on site every minute of the day. You will learn just why an owner or trusted manager be the only ones to take out the garbage.

    This is not to discourage you, but rather to give you the tools necessary for success.

    I’ll offer this - If you would like to discuss this further, just email me and I’ll forward contact information if you would like.

    Blessing and wisdom in your furture.

  • The benefit of buying used equipment is the savings you can get from it. While buying a used commercial freezer for the restaurant, the first thing to consider is the size. A freezer unit that is too big for the purpose will result in unnecessary energy costs and wasted space. At the same time, a unit that is too small will cause inconvenience. The cost of energy consumption can vary depending on the size of the freezer unit and the motor’s power. So it is important to measure the size you’ll need carefully.
    Some of the brands concentrate on providing the highest quality units that come with high price tags. Other brands offer better quality for a more affordable price. Each manufacturer has its pros and cons, so be sure to know your requirements and budget.
    Do the research and understand your needs and search for a better deal.
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    tomtomy omy Hi there. Just interested if you decided to go in any given direction. Keep us updated!

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    That was an awesome and captivating question. I am with Chef I would like to know what came of our entrepeneur in the making.

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    With so many restaurants going under lately you can build back better with used equipment from an auction.

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    I would be more concerned with the current covid climate affecting in house seating and finances of people staying at home

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    tomtomy omy What did you end up deciding to do?

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    HerbcoFood it doesnt look like he has logged back in since the day he posted.

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    Be prepared to spend a lot of time at the restaurant/food business. My aunt and uncle own a bar and grill/diner in my home town and my grandmother owned a diner before them. My cousin owns a bar and grill in town as well. They miss out on a lot of family get togethers and holidays because they are operating those businesses. They practically live there. Management staff has been tough for them to find & keep, which would allow them to be away from the business more. COVID definitely hit places hard but there is a resurgence in patrons dining out right now. A food truck option would be a great way to get into it and would lower your total costs and staffing costs, as others have suggested. A new food truck, really the only one in town (population ~9000) just opened up and seems to be doing well. BBQ joints always see to struggle around here, they come and go after a few years. There is a bbq food truck that rotates around the small towns in this area each day of the week, which seems to serve him well.

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