Meat Matters July 19th to 24th

  • Meat Matters July 19th to 24th, 2021

    Stay up to date with Jonathon, Austin, PatrickB and JohnG5 as they go through and bring you the latest and most important stories that effect the food industry. These articles can range from the impactful to the ridiculous, serious to scary!

    Price of meat surging, local butcher says worker shortage to blame

    Tom Eickman, president of Eickman’s Processing in Seward, Illinois, blames the labor shortage in the United States for the surge in price of meat. “We’re just trying to get people in, get people moving that product. Ourselves, we’re seven individuals short [of a full work team].”

    Will Vegan Meat Replace Animal Meat the Way the Cell Phones Replaced Landlines? This is What Beyond Meat’s CEO Says.

    Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown said that growing animals is outdated, like a landline telephone and that soon the superior technology (in his opinion) of plant-based meat will replace real animal meat.

    Animal agriculture Organizations launch Ambitious new Protein PACT

    For the first time ever meat, poultry, dairy farmers and processors united for a “common vision for transparent communication, continuous improvement, and ambitious commitments to ensure the sustainability of the high-quality protein foods Americans rely on every day."

    South Texas Court Decision is a Victory for Cattle Producers Everywhere

    Court decision reverses the seizure of cattle in a will dispute. According to the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association the reversal will avoid the implementation of a “A different precedent (that) could have been used against cattle raisers across the U.S.”

    How Will the Economic Boom Impact U.S. Agricultural Businesses?

    As the market recovers from Covid-19, the pork industry is expecting to see “an acceleration in automation” that “will affect the entire supply chain from field to grocery and restaurants.”

    The world’s largest food company to launch cultured meats

    Nestle is entering the cultured meat market using technology developed by Future Meat Technologies Ltd. The Israel based startup uses cell-based technology.

    Hong Kong triads suspected of using speedboats to smuggle up to 1,000 tonnes of frozen meat to mainland China each day

    There is an underground market for smuggling meat into China from Hong Kong. “Gangs controlled by Hong Kong Triads” are suspected.

    Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Not Nutritionally Equivalent to Meat

    Duke University published results of a study that shows the differences between real beef and plant-based substitutes. Using metabolites, the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute metabolomics core lab found that several metabolites key to human health were found exclusively or at a much higher quantity in beef than in plant-based alternatives.

    The 50 Craziest State Food Laws

    Enjoy this slideshow of food laws in different States throughout the United States. Do you know of any crazy laws or traditions with food where you live?

    What’s on our Mind?

    It’s not surprising or shocking to find out that plant-based alternatives lack some of the nutritional elements that are contained in real beef products. The components of beef are the building blocks for growth and nutrition. To those that choose to not eat beef, that is absolutely your choice, but trying to make it seem like these plant-based alternatives can replace beef nutritionally is inaccurate.

    So why can’t alternative plant-based meat and traditional animal meat co-exist peacefully? Why does it need to be one or the other? Adding an alternative to animal meat does not mean that it needs to be taken completely off the market or is something bad. The beauty of life is that people have choices. If someone chooses to eat animal meat, then that is their decision. If someone chooses not to eat animals, then that is their choice.

    I think we have gotten so used to having to pick a side of an issue or join this group or that group to fight against this other group that we have forgotten the real advantage of our way of life is the freedom to choose. It’s nice to have abundance, prosperity and alternatives. Don’t take that abundance, prosperity or choice away from someone else just because you disagree with their tastes.

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