Beyond Meat drops three points overnight

  • Non-animal meat maker Beyond Meat saw its market price drop three points Thursday (Sept. 16, 2021) morning. At close Wednesday, Beyond Meat was trending up, but dropped to 107.39 overnight.

    The price drop is being caused by a downgrade from Piper Sandler from neutral to overweight, according to The downgrade was based on concerns over retail demand that put 2021 earnings estimates at risk. Beyond Meat projected a 38 percent increase in sales for 2021.

    Beyond Meat Slips as Piper Sandler Downgrades, Cuts Target by 13%

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User Kansas

    We talked about this on the most recent podcast, the demand for these types of meat alternatives is at best stagnant and possibly dipping. Could be because the market is over-saturated with options or it could be that people see the lab grown beef on the horizon. I think they overpromised on their products taste and texture personally.

  • Regular Contributors Team Orange Sous Vide

    Jonathon I agree with the over saturation of the market, it seems now there are just as many choices of fake meat as there are of real meat. Also I don’t believe that stuff is any better to consume than actual natural meat that mother nature gave us. The preservatives in that junk always seems to get over looked by the people who push for that. Another thing that I can’t ever get a straight answer on, if you don’t support eating meat then why do you want your food to mimic it so bad?

  • Sous Vide Dry Cured Sausage Traeger Team Blue

    I am sure that there could be a market for meat alternatives but I think they would be a lot more successful with some transparency on how they manipulate non-animal products to produce their final product and how it could be incorporate to meat base dish to stretch the budget. At the moment they are pushing the meat replacement marketing ideas and how it is suppose to conserve the planet which real data and science come to refute. People with minimal science background and some desire to dive in the subject will understand that the base elements of their products, coming from agricultural farming, is actually more harmful to the environment than animal farming. I agree with Jonathon that they highly overpromised and unfortunately overpriced their product

  • While the market says one thing, there are some school districts at the local level using alt meat in their meals.

  • Sous Vide Dry Cured Sausage Traeger Team Blue

    JohnG5 Oh lawd!!! I cannot wait to see the health impact and repercussion of experimenting on our children with man made plant based alternatives!?! We do have a good look back in post-WWII with heavily processed meats, food additives and erroneous food guide pyramid. Should we predict health issues, higher cancer rates, insulin resistance, allergies and poor immunity/immune response??

  • Dr_Pain I don’t know if this is offered as an option or intended to replace animal meat. I’m not against it as an option. Wouldn’t be my personal choice to eat alt meat chicken nuggets but giving people a choice to make up their own minds is not a negative thing to me.

  • Power User Regular Contributors Cast Iron Big Green Egg Kansas

    I think more facts about the ingredients and methods of making a beyond meat product are more well known now. From everything I’ve seen, it is a heavily processed food item with some pretty caustic by-products. Monocrop agriculture dependent as well. I think people that are conscientious about their food are moving more toward unprocessed and raw food items/ingredients and even growing some of their food at home. Remote work/layoffs has allowed a lot of people more time at home which I think is a driver too.

    The lab meat makes me cringe a little, I think it is a slippery slope to what we may be “growing” next in a lab. There are many more animal producers showing up to create a product that is sustainable and produced in a wholistic manner, through practices like regenerative agriculture than there have been since big meat took hold of the market. If you are buying tyson meat or smithfield foods or similar, well that is a whole different ballgame and you probably don’t care about ethics and animal treatment as a consumer…I buy meat from these suppliers…at least when it comes to pork and chicken. The majority of mom and pop producers out here care a great deal about their land and animals and taking good care of it/them, they likely care much more than the consumers saying that they “care”.

  • Sous Vide Dry Cured Sausage Traeger Team Blue

    JohnG5 I absolutely and completely agree with you on the freedom of making choices. With those choices comes the responsibility of being knowledgeable enough to provide “informed consent”. In certain (most circumstances) and in the absence of a higher education specific to the field, most people are unable to make a qualified decision… and this is where the government should step in to engage the industries to provide transparencies. Additionally they have the very important task of protecting us (sometimes from our own stupidities) from industries trying to capitalize on an idea/concept while “experimenting” on the general population. It is easy for the average Joe to say “no” to a product such as Asian important Crawfish when they are told that they are harvested in mixed sewage field or that they have no real aquaculture standards. But what about chemical names or complex processes of manufacturing that are hidden under the guise of “work product” or that would require a PhD to understand??

    We do have governmental branches that are assigned to do just that however it goes without saying that we’ve been failed many times over the past century. Don’t get me wrong those agencies have done a TON of good also.

    My undergraduate studies was in biochemistry before pursuing physical therapy, and ultimately getting my doctorate in the field. I can tell you that 30 years ago while I was studying biochemistry that my eyes were open… wide… to the practices. To this day I do not understand how our own government would put a stamp of approval on certain products on the basis that the ppm (part per million) are acceptable. Neurotoxic chemicals are acceptable? Interesting LOL!!

    The fast food industry was exposed a few years ago with the mess associated with “pink slime”. In order not to impact the industry too much the government came and provided a guideline as to how much “pink slime” they could have in their burgers. At that discovery I made the decision to forgo any fast food places. The practice was unacceptable to me so once informed I was able to make a decision but why did it take an investigative report to discover it when the overseeing agencies should have been there to evaluate and mitigate. We should have standards that they cannot add or manipulate our food source without government approval. To this day, if I go to a restaurant I will try to stay as close to God’s creation and avoid anything “grossly manipulated”. That’s why I don’t eat out very often.

    Before being blasted, I know that I am still ingesting things sprayed with herbicides and pesticides and meats from animal injected with antibiotics and growth hormones etc… FULLY aware of it, and I do know some of the associated links to cancer, diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune dysfunctions. But it is not because I agree to eat commercial cattle, chicken and pork, as well as commercially grown fruits, vegetables and nuts/sees that I agree automatically to man made laboratory food. When I was a child I use to drink TANG, the astronaut drink! I did drink it until I saw my mom use it in a wash cycle to brighten up the stainless in her dishwasher.

    I will admit that I have not done my due diligence on certain on all things that goes in my body and therefore became a victim of my own laziness. The bigger problem is how many people fall in that category (lazy and dependent on the protection of our EPA, FDA, etc…) or how many concerned and well meaning pro-active people are not as well educated as they should be to understand the impact of their decision.

  • Team Blue

    There should not even be such a thing as fake meat

  • Team Blue Power User Regular Contributors

    JohnG5 On the other hand, not to necessarily support them, everything has been dropping just about. The one thing I had that is going up still, the advisor sold without asking me first.

  • Dr_Pain I remember the pink slime stuff. I was actually a news reporter at the time and had covered some of that. You are right. I don’t think most people would be able to understand the nutritional differences. I know I don’t for sure. I have not had the new alt meat but I have had soy meat and thought it was disgusting.

  • Power User Canning Team Orange Regular Contributors Veteran Masterbuilt

    how many of you have looked at the sodium levels in this { stuff } ?

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors Traeger Power User Sous Vide Canning Washington

    craigrice It is un-believable. They proclaim it’s healthy, but you get enough sodium in one serving that almost 16% of your daily requirement. They say healthy salt and potassium chloride in their ads. Most cardiologists cringe when people tell them they have switched to eat beyond beef instead of a burger.

  • Regular Contributors Team Orange Sous Vide

    johnsbrewhouse That is how I feel about turkey sausage, for instance the Jimmy Dean product, when you look at it, there is actually more sodium in the turkey pan sausage than in the actual pork product.

  • Team Blue

    It just should not have meat anywhere on the package

  • Regular Contributors Team Orange Sous Vide

    gus4416 said in Beyond Meat drops three points overnight:

    It just should not have meat anywhere on the package

    Then it won’t make the people who choose not to eat meat feel like they are eating meat. I get that there are some people who have physical issues eating meat. It’s the ones who are virtue signaling who think they are doing it for the greater good who I don’t understand why they want everything they eat want it to mimic meat as much as possible.

  • Team Blue Military Veterans Power User Regular Contributors Kansas

  • Regular Contributors Team Orange Sous Vide

    Grimpuppy Hard pass, I only like their breakfast these days. I want to know their biscuit recipe at the same time I don’t want to know it!!!

  • Team Blue PK100 Regular Contributors Power User Illinois

    My wife is vegetarian. Has been for 25+ years. She doesn’t want any of these things that mimic meat because she doesn’t like meat. I think a lot of this is catering to those that are on a “forced” no meat diet who miss a big burger etc. For my wife she’ll take a garden burger or a black bean burger - something that stands on its own vs being a meat substitute.

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