Anyone else have problems with deliveries?

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    GWG8541 Yikes, the boxes look the way that I get them. Of course you table looks like the way FedEx shipped a bin rack to me twice before I told Lowes I was done and took the third damage one and a check for $200

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    So far I have had no problems with delays or damaged packages. My guess is that it depends on which regional UPS distribution centers that the packages are going through.

    Maybe Jonathon and Austin can find a common denominator through order histories that have had a larger number of complaints of damaged packages and or delays. They might be able to narrow down with the help of UPS, which distribution centers might have employees that are damaging packages. They probably have a dollar amount at which anything above that requires insurance. Anything below that they eat the cost of replacement. All of this raises the cost of shipping.

    When I worked for Rock River Arms they always had issues with UPS. When ever I took a custom pistol to shipping they would usually call me to ask what the value was for insurance. Of course firearms can only be shipped to FFL holders and require a signature for delivery. Smaller orders of just parts, accessories, apparel etc. weren’t usually insured.

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    Randie N Contact your postmaster at your local post office if you can’t get satisfaction with your carrier.

  • Jonathon I will. The last 4 days have been some long ones at work. Sorry for the late reply

  • GWG8541 that’s bad

  • Do you want to know what’s even more strange. I knew I was missing a package of quite a few items but figured they may have just been separated in shipping somehow because I ordered the stuffer 3 days earlier yet was delivered with the mixer I ordered on cyber Monday. I have had some very long days at work the past 4 days so just getting to read some of this stuff.
    Well curiosity got me, I was going to call Waltons to check on the rest of my order but before I did I thought I would check the porch…and it was left on my porch! ??? So part of the order was left on the porch and part was left out in the rain. At least the sawdust I ordered was left on the porch because one bag had a hole in it and sawdust all thru the package. That could have been a soggy mess. Lol.
    Anyway I guess I could have bigger problems. I was just frustrated with the 16 hour work days. At least I can see that I’m not the only one with issues.

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    Randie N I have more trouble with USPS, had a package that was showed delivered on a Monday and finally got it the following Sunday. Filed a claim for lost mail and twice they said it was found and delivered and it wasn’t. I had about given up on it when I saw them deliver to the community box on Sunday and I went and checked and it was there, but they never notified me when they actually did make the delivery.

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    My son ordered some things for us. I think UPS was the delivery company on this one. One of the items was left at the front door, stop & drop style & when he called to check on the other items, the CS person said it was delivered at the same time & confirmed by the shipper. He would have to file a claim with UPS. I told him to hold off just a little bit, as that can be a total PITA, especially since he had already documented it with the seller. The item showded up about three days later, stop & drop style at the front door. Those new drivers, they won’t even give us a chance to train them right & make their lives easier these days.

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    We operate a business from home so we pack and ship alot of packages as well as receive shipments.
    Some individual delivery carriers do a better job than other, to be sure.
    For Randie N , he has a tough situation. No one home to accept deliveries that are too large to fit in the mail box. The delivery person has to make judgement call whether the package can be safely left out or need to leave a “come and get your package” card in the mail box. Neither situation is ideal, but it does not sound like he has many options either.

    What I personally find unacceptable is when the carrier, always Fedex or UPS, leaves the package on the ground next to our mail box by the street where anyone can just pick it up and take it. Our house is several hundred feet from the street so we may not even know the package is sitting out down there. Most of the time they will come up the driveway and leave the package at the door, but lately they have been leaving them down by the road.
    The USPS carrier will never leave a package by the road. He is really good and will leave it at the door or leave a card in the box if it is a signature required delivery.

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    processhead I have found that it not only varies from carrier to carrier, but where you are at, & who the driver is. When we were in Texas I used to rave about FedEx. It was a very private area, they could drive right through the front, & drop at the front door, pick up & all. UPS was very sloppy with their driving skills, etc. there. I will leave it at that. Here, DHL was hands down the best, but they left the building here over ten years ago at least. They would pick-up & deliver perfectly. Even brought treats for ol Duke the Healer we had then. Now it depends on the driver & they all go back & forth with the various carriers, for the most part UPS was taking the prize most of the time. Someone is here most all the time too, but some insist on walking to front doors & doing a stop & drop, no indication that they ever arrived until we find something on the front porch that we rarely use or in the bushes. We try to get them to just use the drive so they can just drive around & straight through to make it easy on them & drop at the garage or back door, that way if they are in a hurry or doing the stop & drop, it is OK & it makes their job easier too. We have tried to keep them informed over the years personally & in writing. So long as they keep a regular driver, which they all used to keep, we are good & have a happy relationship. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case so much anymore though as they change a lot, folks quit & move on, etc. It just is not what it used to be. For shipping, we have usually just found the USPS worked out the very best & the price was right & more convenient. However, they refused to ship something recently because it was Ginger Ale, a liquid. Somebody was in a pinch I am certain. We ended up having to drive to town to one of those UPS stores as UPS no longer takes packages for shipping here anymore at their yard not too far away. The cost was about three times the cost of the USPS. Please Pardon my rant, but that is the way I see it, they have all gone way down hill & sadly to say, are no longer consistent. Part of all that is another story for another day between the employees & the employers most likely.

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