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    i purchased a camp chep pellet grill. along wth my pk100 it is possible for me to smoke as well as grill. being totally blind i have to set the pk ahead of time or have person or face time someone to set the temp. the pk100 stays at the temperature that was last used. i have that figured out. now withe the camp chef the grill starts at the beginning of the menus . wondering if there is someone out there that has a camp chef 24 that could help me. i need to know the amount of times the controller needs to be pressed to get to the different settings and how many times the controller needs to be turned to access settings. if there is anyone that can assist me it would be totally appreciated.

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    no_eyes_processor Jonathon can help you out with this. I’ll be sure he sees this.

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    no_eyes_processor I can’t respond to your emails, I keep getting a bounce back saying email address is wrong, even though I am emailing you at the email address you are emailing me! Check your private messages on here if you see this!

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    no_eyes_processor I chatted you my phone # but in case you can’t access that I will run that tonight on mine at home and update this post with that information!

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    no_eyes_processor still getting bounce backs so here goes, I hope the reader works as well in Meatgistics as it will in an email or word doc
    Turn on and it defaults to Set Temp, directly below that is Set Smoke, however this is greyed out and cannot be selected,
    So one scroll down (counte clockwise)is Feed, below that is shutdown which is also greyed out
    So one scroll down from that is settings
    one scroll down is ext.
    one scroll down brings you back to Set temp.
    Clicking the wheel will bring you to a screen that is 160 degrees and low smoke.
    1 scroll clockwise (opposite of before) will bring you a screen that says High Smoke Set Temp 220
    1 scroll clockwise from that will bring you to 160 degrees and whatever smoke you have selected (if you selected one)
    every clockwise scroll will move the temp up 5 degrees until you hit 450. I believe the next setting is 500 degrees
    Now, here is an issue, you get 4 seconds on 1st screen with 160 degrees and low smoke to press something, fi you don’t, it will automatically go to confirm (which can be clicked to lock in, or one scroll counterclockwise will take you to cancel, which takes you back to the 160 and low smoke screen. You cannot clockwise scroll on that screen, unless you go down to cancel and then back up to confirm
    Okay, so once you select your temp and hit the confirm (so 2 clicks, one to get to confirm and one to confirm) the system will take 6 minutes to startup. It defaults to a bypass option that you can use if your grill was already hot, or a counterclockwise scroll will go to a cancel button which will take you back to the previous screen.
    During this time the smoker will probably put out a lot of smoke, this isn’t anything to be concerned about
    One it gets done with that 6 minute startup it will display the current grill temp and up to 4 probe thermometers temps
    Moving the wheel in either direction will take you to the main screen again,
    your choices are set temp (this is what it starts on)
    1 counterclockwise scroll for set smoke
    feed will be greyed out below it and cant be accessed
    Scroll counterclockwise goes to shutdown
    scroll counterclockwise goes to settings
    scroll counterclockwise goes to Exit
    another counterclockwise scroll will take you back to set temp, where we began on this screen.
    Touching nothing for 30 seconds puts you back on the screen with the temp displayed and the up to 4 probe thermometers displayed
    If you were to have hit set temp on the previous screen you go back to the options of set temp from before
    If you chose set smoke in the previous menu
    Each counterclockwise scroll will move the smoke setting up 1 all the way to 10 with 1 increase with every scroll. Clicking the wheel will take you back to the previous screen which is the temperature display screen.
    To shut it off from the display screen click the wheel do 3 counterclockwise scrolls and click the wheel, then click the wheel again as it defaults to confirm, which will shut it down. If you got to this screen by accident you can do 1 counterclockwise scroll to get to cancel
    shutdown process takes 20 minutes but requires no input from you

    If you need anything, you have my cell phone #, feel free to call!

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    I am 1000% impressed with Jonathon and Walton’s in general…

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