How long can I hold snack sticks

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    I made some snack sticks today using ECA, and carrot fiber. I just finished stuffing when I had to leave for a family Illness, and had to cover and put sticks in fridge. How long can they stay there without cooking or smoking? May not be able to get to them until tomorrow or maybe Friday.

    Thanks all! SF!

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    nicholls47 the sooner the better, hopefully tomorrow. But at this point just do the best you can. Family comes first

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    If you included cure #1 then I would say that you go have a couple of days but the meat will start turning into a cured product. The problem you have in curing inside a regular fridge (as compared to a dedicated curing chamber) is that you will dehydrate your product too fast. As twilliams mentioned, the sooner the better. I almost forgot, that you don’t have a culture so you may not be able to maintain a product which will acidify enough to kill bad bacteria (conjointly with the cure #1) but if you did the longer you keep it in the fridge the more acidic it will become so your tang would be yuk after you cook it (releasing the ECA)

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