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    The engagement increase on Meatgistics over the past year has been awesome to see, more people using it to get (and to give) help on meat processing issues, or just sharing their latest creations. However, the user count hasn’t been increasing as much as it has in recent years. So, that got me thinking, how did people initially find out about and then make them join the Meatgistics Community?

    There are 2 things that I think I can point to that coincide with the reduction of new members, 1 is a decreased level of engagement by Austin and I. What was supposed to be a short-term hiatus to focus on other things became a much longer absence than we thought due to the website platform. We are hoping that will be different in the coming year.

    2nd is that for the past year Walton’s and Meatgistics accounts have been used very rarely recently aside from promoting Livestreams and giveaways. I am going to start posting more to see if that does anything, specifically I am going to restart the Meat Hack Monday posts and weekly I will take a new (or a post that is receiving a lot of attention) user-created post and post that to both FBs and Instagram.

    Anyway, what else do you guys think might work for helping to grow the community? Also, I am interested in how people found us initially. Was it from waltons.com, did a cs agent send you here or was it a google or duck duck go search for something?

    Thanks and post below!

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    Jonathon a bunch of us started doing that in the ‘‘grind and hold’’ thread. maybe Tex_77 can move them over to here so other members see what we posted, there are some good ones

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    Jonathon I think for you to grow, more content needs to be pushed on FB/IG advertising the f***m. At first I when I bought seasonings off the website I saw the Meatgistics Community being advertised. After looking at the format of this board I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Then I eventually got used to it, so here we are now.

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    I found you guys by googling for something, it was complete chance. I think you need to make some cooking videos to drive traffic to Meatgistics. You can only have so many videos of grinding and stuffing sausage, snack steaks, summer sausage, etc, however the with cooking video’s the sky is the limit. There are who knows how many more home cooks out there than there are sausage makers. I know meat processing equipment and supplies is your bread and butter, but with cooking videos you would have ample opportunity to push the spice line up you carry, as well as grills, etc. If you really want to amp up your views, maybe you can try and get say Matt Pitman from Meat Church BBQ, or David Bouska from Butcher BBQ, to come and do a cooking video with you guys, since you carry there products. Maybe you go out an make some videos at some of your customers small meat processing companies and people who are searching those processors would then get exposed to Walton’s as well.

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    Lived in the Wichita area since 2007, had never been to Walton’s until I got a Gift Certificate at Christmas. I have been every week to get one thing or another since.

    I agree that advertising on FB/IG can help a lot. That’s our main Avenue for advertising at our businesses, (Equip Rental, Sporting Clays, Towing). We get a lot of interaction and phone calls when we list a new piece of equipment or offering.

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    I found meatgistics a few years ago from a YouTube video y’all put out about sausage casings. I was looking into changing from hog casings to collagen for my business

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    Also we do a Tool of the Week post, maybe you guys could do a seasoning of the week. Lay out what’s in it, main flavor profile, what can all be made with it, and what things can be added to it to elevate the end product.

  • I was looking to process my venison myself… I googled landjaeger and found a video of you explaining the whole process., and then they have Waltons… I could order everything I need and learn how it’s done…!Then I joined Meatgistics , the community is so helpful, I read as much as I can. My friends say the products I make are awesome!! Thanks to all of you…!! Thank you

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    It’s been so long since I found Walton’s through a Google search looking for processing products. I just went through the site and found the Meatgistics pages and kind of lurked for several months before I decided to engage.

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    Jonathon I actually heard about Waltons from my brother because he ordered all of our seasoning from you guys. He said Walton’s had a ton of videos on YouTube. So I started watching the videos and heard Meatgistics mentioned. I then went to Walton’s webpage and found Meatgistics. The rest is history. I joined that day and found a community that I didn’t even know I needed. I sure am glad I did.

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    I found Walton’s while googling to find a serrated slicer blade. I found it here at a good $$ and with great CS. That was back in early 2018. I realized that Walton’s could be my “One Stop Shop” place I had been looking for. I kept coming back and finally started engaging in Meatgistics in July, 2018. After being a member of the Community for a while, I decided to broaden my horizons and start making things like breakfast sausage, brats and jerky. I feel as if I have found a Home here and can ask anyone of my Meatgistics Friends for advice or ideas.

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    Jonathon to piggyback on your point. I think a big draw to Meatgistics was that the community was able to have direct communication with you and Austin. That is something that is very uncommon in this world now. I know, through no fault of your own, that you guys have had to be away due to other duties. I hope things will get back to a more normal for you guys!!!

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    I understand that the Meatgistics platform should drive more sales at Waltons but as said above there is only so much content in the sausage making. To expand and diversify you should consider making/adding your user recipes. I am recipe driven in my online searches. If someone searches for boudin on the WWW they should see my recipe from and center and should be driven to Meatgistics. With enough tried and true recipes people will stay and eventually will buy equipment, seasoning etc…

    In my opinion and after discussing with Chef we should have a moderated only section for the user recipe to prevent the clutter of our conversation. Only thing that should be in the thread would be tools, techniques and seasoning (with hyperlinks). We also need to standardize the format and look.

    Another idea in the same vein would be if Walton would promote Meatgistics in each of their products or equipment. It would be nice to have an easy hyperlink to a real recipe from Walton’s to Meatgistics. Many times I peruse the seasoning and don’t have a clue as to the application. Having a recipe would drive me to buy more stuff to try.

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    Dr_Pain I don’t know if you use it or not, but the chat function is a great tool to converse with other members, if it isn’t something that everyone would need to see, etc.

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    Tex_77 I do use it… any reason for the comment? Was my suggestion out of line?

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    Dr_Pain No, just wanted to make sure you knew that function was out there.

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    Tex_77 Looking back I cant remember how i found it either saw it advertized on outdoor channel or searched on line. What I do remember is thinking WOW these guys actually talk to their customers and answer questions personally. I thought that was really cool. So I think that is a very important thing for new people to see. It sets you apart from most places

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    Not knowing your advertising budget, but outdoor magazines, hunting and fishing events, BBQ and other cooking events, and military events are all places that have the people you want.

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    I was browsing your website and happened to notice you had a f***m. Don’t think it was as noticeable back then

  • glen a quick question if you don’t mind? I’m working on a batch of ss right now. Around 4 or 5 pm eastern time I should reach 160 internal temp. I’m new to this but I have been reading. Around 5 pm the outside ambient temp will be around 32. Can I Hang the ss Outside or should I still use an ice bath? I really don’t know anyone else to ask here?

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