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    This was supposed to be an automatic process, and I thought we had it fixed where it was. Turns out it wasn’t. So, if you have over 100 posts and didn’t see the regular contributor group badge, or over 300 and didn’t have that it should be available to you now. Go to your profile and add them if you want. We’d like you to do them as we think that gives the person reading your posts a little bit of an understanding that they are talking with someone who has some experience.

    If I missed anyone, please message me or post here. Thanks to everyone who has posted that much on Meatgistics! Some of the people I am shocked didn’t have this badge yet and can only apologize. What must have happened is the last time we did it those people were already so far above 300 that we couldn’t have imagined them not having the badge!

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    Both show up for me! Now, I do hope no one mistakes my ability to post as seasoned experience worth listening to 😉

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