Good price for Textured Soy Protein at Food City

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    $1.59 for 8oz.

    Not sure if this is exactly Walton’s Soy Protein Blend, which contains:
    Defatted Soy Grits, Soy Protein Concentrate, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (Contains Salt, Caramel Color), Salt. Contains: Soy
    – I think the SPC is a bit different, not sure about HSP
    –but for sure defatted soy grits is the same, and unless it says soy protein ISOLATE, it’s the same basic stuff. Walton’s sells for 7.99 for 12oz package. Looks the same.

    In any case, TVP or TSP as it’s sometimes called is a great binder and especially good for emulsified sausages like hot dogs or frankfurters. Also, it is very good for making low fat sausages as it binds a lot of water. Good value meat extender with equal protein as meat and realtively flavorless, when you need a good binder. I thought of it when folks mention a bit of fat out at moderate temps like 150 to 160, this might help.

    Anyways just wanted to post a good source to grab TVP local if you need it ASAP.
    Food City is a Hispanic food item leaning chain here in Phoenix. They also had tripe, beef cheeks, lips, shank cuts, marrow, good rib cross cut for $3/lb, PORK BACK FAT! for $1.59/ lb. I couldn’t find pork fat even at small local butcher, she said she’d have to save it up for me. Also got marjoram, fennel, anise, coriander, white and black pepper, all for 20% of what Safeway sells it. So I grabbed some of everything 😉

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