50lb mixer: Post pics with spline and hookup measurements!

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    I want to purchase your 50lb mixer, specifically from you to support Waltons. I like most everything about Walton’s that I’ve seen, and want to support you with my money purchases. Like a lot of folks, I bought equipment elsewhere before I discovered Waltons, and now I want to use your mixer with my existing grinder. Your 50lb mixer has 40 questions, 27 of them are asking if it can hookup to other mixers. The answer to every one of them, “we don’t know, not designed for it…”

    All 27 people wanting to buy your mixer had to ask these questions because your given product info and specs are very incomplete, and don’t contain many actual specs to help folks make decisions. It would be very helpful for prospective customers if someone could walk over with a micrometer and some calipers, and take some measurement pics of the spline and collar hookup, and post them. It would be a good move if you addressed the problem/opportunity that those questions all represent.

    I’ve watched your podcasts, seen your great online presence, and I think you have a motivated team in place that can improve in meeting your customer needs in this product area.

    You have a golden opportunity here that comes from fortuitous design of your 50lb mixer: the outer diameter of the collar is 2-1/16in, which will slip into the larger Inner Diameter collare for L*M, Meat!, C*****s, and Weston mixers that use a 3/4" 6-spline drive shaft… allowing YOUR mixer to be the only one of the bunch that might be almost universal. The only thing holding your sales back is you documenting this fit.

    People already own those grinders or they wouldn’t ask about them. So posting those specs doesn’t lose you and grinder purchases, it just fails to SELL your mixer and capture business that previously went to L*M and C*****s. I love your awesome business, and would really like to see folks be able to buy your mixer, even if they own another brand grinder. Your 50lb mixer DOES WORK with several competing grinders, I have read at least 3 threads here with customers posting pics and successful hookups. You don’t have to commit that it will work or take on liability, just post the measurements and let your very smart users make their own informed decisions.

    Even better, if your were really gung ho, design and sell spline/collar adaptors for L*M, C*****s, and Weston grinders, and your smaller grinders. make your mixer universal. You would take over the market.

    Hoping for the best for your business, and that you take this suggestion in the positive light I intended.

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    To show I’m not complaining, but rooting for Walton’s to improve their sales and business and customer problem solving, here are the starting tools your web person needs:

    Thread showing various C*****s geinder hookups with some measurements:

    Another thread showing numerous hookups and some measurement pics

    Here are pics of a 2022 Meat! 1.0hp grinder, showing it is the same as C*****s/Weston one, and should work with Walton’s 50lb mixer, with a 2in pvc collar to snug it up nice.
    Inner diam of collar is 2.45 inch, allowing the Waltons 2-1/16in OD collar to slide right in. Spline is the same 3/4" 6 spline.

    20220408_143653.jpg 20220408_143624.jpg

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    From threads above,

    RandyNight Mar 8, 2021, 2:29 PM
    My new 50# Waltons mixer fits on my L*M #8. Ran over 200# through it Saturday. […]
    The ID of the L*M hub is 2.125. The 3/4 x 6 spline shaft seems to fit perfectly.
    Walton mixer hub just a bit over 2" but a slip fit

    IVERYAN  Apr 23, 2021, 10:41 AM
    PapaSop i have a weston 22 butcher series grinder, and it works with waltons 50# mixer.

    FatMac_1186 Nov 28, 2021, 11:10 AM
    […]the old c*****s #22 grinder


    [Walton’s 50lb mixer:]

    It won’t let me upload the video I took but there she be boys! 2" sch40 PVC, notch top, split the bottom & go to work. Fits like a glove!



     Jan 9, 2021, 11:20 AM

    So, on a whim this morning I decided to see if the new 50 LB mixer would mate up with the older style Cabela’s #12 Carnivore grinder that I have. It does.
    So, if you have a non-Walton’s grinder and want to get the 50 LB mixer, I would absolutely do it.

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    I almost decided against this mixer after not being able to find more pictures of the hookup. Finally, got it because it was on sale and I had a coupon code for even more discount. I just wanted a better idea if this would work with other grinders since I’m not in a position to buy a new one. Was hoping to know if I could hook it to something I could buy off Craigslist or something used if it won’t work with mine. I have it now, but your suggestions are good in my opinion. Would have helped me decide sooner.

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    Yep, I’m doing all this because I want to give Waltons my business instead of buying the Meat! Or L*M mixer that I know will work. And I realized while researching that there are a ton of other folks out there in the same boat who have tried to buy this mixer in past, but gave up because of poor specs info. I’m hoping this will help both Waltons and folks on Meatgistics.

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    Dave in AZ Im sure others will appreciate it as much as I do.

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    Dave in AZ thanks for the info 👍

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