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    I’ve got a neighbor who has a few “leg roasts” out of a hog he butchered last fall that he wants me to “just do something with.” I told him other than ham I dont know what else I can really do. He is very interested in whole muscle thin sliced for sandwich meat. I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas/suggestions of something I can do to change it up; like spicy ham or asain flavoring or ? I have no idea if the meat I’ll be getting is a full bone-in leg or if he seamed out the rear leg muscles or what?

    I had also considered trying pork jerky out of some of it.

    Suggestions welcome.

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    deanlorensen that would be great for jerky! Try your favorite basic jerky recipe and glaze with a syrup made from reduced Dr. Pepper or root beer. Or any Asian style jerky recipe would be great. If you don’t want to do a ham and can get your hands on some extra fat, you can always make sausage. So many possibilities! Have fun.

  • Similar to ham flavor, smoked Buckboard bacon is good. Is it the front leg or rear leg? There is a little more fat in the meat off the front leg vs the ham off the back. If you use bacon cure just don’t get the meat block too thick.

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