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    the year was 1992 and i was passing by the casino and i saw a sign that said
    barbucue ribs all you can eat $ 5.99
    well thats all i needed to see i was sold !! i went into this fancy dining room sat down and ordered the ribs , while i was waiting for the ribs , i looked around and saw all these high society folks eating ribs with a knife and fork ( yea thats what i thought ) i eat a lot of things with a knife and fork, but ribs aint on that list !!! well in a minute or so they brought me my ribs and sides ( don’t ask me what the sides were cause all i saw was them ribs !!! )
    they looked like they had been dunked in a 5 gallon bucketof BBQ sauce
    i mean they were dripping with sauce. well folks i tore into those ribs like an F5 tornado , i was a chomping and slurping and awiping ( i never did even unwrap that knife and fork ) i tell ya folks i was happier that when grannie clampett 1st discovered moonshine , when i got finished with a bone is was so clean it looked like it had been through a $3.00 carwash
    all them high society folks was a staring at me but i didn’t pay that any attention , they kept bringing me more ribs , my glass of coca cola had got so slippery from the BBQ sauce , i almost dropped it a couple of times
    the fella next to me said " you look like your really enjoying those ribs " i said yes sir i sure nough am and kept on a chompin . after a while i had my fill and stopped eating, then i realized that the casino had made 3 mistakes (1 )they offered all you can eat BBQ ribs for $5.99 (2) they let me in the door (3) ( and this was their worst mistake ) they had snow white linen table cloths and napkins , that table cloth looked like something that should be hanging in a modern art museum , and i had BBQ sauce up to my elbows but fellas i tell ya i sure enjoyed them ribs
    buy ya know something , i never did see that casino offer BBQ ribs again …i wonder why

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    calvin great story. Thanks for sharing 👍

  • Team Grey

    That’s the way to each ribs.

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    calvin Reminds me of the time ol Ronny, God bless his soul, came to town & a fried chicken dinner it was. He looked over to someone & asked if it was OK to eat that fried chicken with his hands & someone said, that was the only way.

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