What meat do you make your Snack Sticks or Summer Sausage with?

  • Team Blue

    In the past I’ve always made my snack sticks and summer sausage with one of the following

    All beef (chuck)
    Beef with pork fat (lean beef with 25% pork back fat)
    A 50-50 mix of beef and pork

    As you can see the common denominator in the snack sticks or summer sausage I’ve made in the past is beef. With the rise in beef prices I’m considering using all pork. Has anyone used all pork and if you have how do they compared to the product you’ve made with beef or partially made with beef. How much of a change in taste and texture is there? Thanks

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    John Belvedere My grocery, Dillon’s/Kroger now sells “bork” 1/2 ground beef 1/2 ground pork at an 80/20 fat ratio. I think it makes as good as summer sausage as I have ever done.
    I have also made 100% pork SS which is also very good
    To my taste the same spice mixture works in both

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    Since I usually have a lot of venison in the freezer, I am always looking for ways to use it.
    The deer sticks we make are traditionally 80 venison 20 beef fat. Since we lost our source of beef fat this year we may be switching to pork.
    Summer sausage is usually 50 venison and 40 pork butt and 10 pork fat.

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    I make snack sticks with 100% pork 80/20 grind, I also do straight beef snack sticks too, depending on what I am making. I don’t blend pork and beef for any of the snack sticks, I have added pork to my summer sausage to increase the fat ratio and create a better texture.

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    I make most snack sticks from venison and pork fat or brisket fat.

    I have made 100% pork kabanosy sticks, they were excellent too.

  • Team Blue

    I would love to make it with venison but since I’m not a hunter (pretty hard when you live on Long Island) and I don’t have access to any. That’s the reason I’m curious about an all pork product.

  • I use 20 lbs beef and 5 lbs pork
    ( pork belly) for mine. I usually have extra hamburger when we get ready to butcher but are usually out of pork.

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    Snack Sticks is either all beef or all deer
    Summer Sausage is 4 parts of deer or beef to 1 part pork shoulder and if I add cheese to it would be 1 part as well

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    John Belvedere
    John, take a look at the all pork kabanosy then. I think I posted a thread on making them, so have a few others. Stanley Marianski says they are the best snack sticks in the world. I thought they were excellent too. Here is the basic recipe. I’m posting because he replictes this online at his meatandsausages website, but my book was closer. I highly recommend these, this is 100% what I would make without venison.

    Kabanosy is a famous Polish sausage and probably the finest meat stick in the world. The name Kabanosy comes from the nickname “kabanek” given to a young fat pig no more than 120 kg (264 lbs.) that was fed mainly potatoes in the Eastern parts of XIX Poland. Meat Metric US
    pork 1000 g 2.20 lbs.
    Ingredients per 1000 g (1 kg) of meat:
    salt 18 g 3 tsp
    Cure #1 2.5 g ½ tsp
    pepper 2.0 g 1 tsp
    sugar 1.0 g 1/5 tsp
    nutmeg 1.0 g ½ tsp
    caraway 1.0 g ½ tsp
    water 100 ml ⅜ cup

    Instructions: 1. Grind lean pork with ⅜” plate, fatter pieces with 3/16” plate. 2. Mix ground meat and all ingredients together until the mass feels sticky. 3. Stuff mixture into 22-26 mm sheep casings. Link sausage into 60-70 cm (24-27”) links so when hung on a smoking stick the individual links (half of the meat stick) will be about one foot long. Don’t cut stuffed sausage into short individual links, leave it linked, but as one long rope. 4. Hang on smoke sticks in a cool place at 35-42º F (2-6º C) for 12 hours. It is permitted to dry it at room temperature for 30-60 min and then smoke it. 5. Kabanosy are smoked in two stages: smoking with hot smoke 104-122º F (40-50º C) for 50-60 min baking for about 20 min at 140-190º F (60-90º C) until the meat reaches a temperature of 155-160º F (69-71º C) inside. The color of the casings should be dark brown. Total smoking and cooking time about 70 - 90 min. This is a rather short time due to the small diameter of the meat sticks. The sausage is done and ready to eat. 6. Shower with cold water, separate into links and keep refrigerated. The following step (6) was performed in the past to create semi-dry sausages that would last long time at room temperatures. Place Kabanosy for 5-7 days in a room at 54-59º F (12-15º C), relative humidity of 75-80%, until the weight is reduced by 45%. If during this drying period you will see a slight accumulation of mold on the outside surface just wipe it off, this is normal. Separate links into individual pieces and keep it in a cool place, no need to refrigerate. In Europe the sausages hang in the kitchen and are consumed on an as needed basis. Most people prefer them when they are about one week old. If you have made a lot of them, place them in a freezer but remember that unfrozen products, though still healthy, never taste the same.

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    I 2nd the Kabanosy recipe, but I do add accent. The meat really depends on what you have and the desired end product. Kabanosy is all pork and is tried and true, but other recipes I’ll use what I have or what is on sale, but I typically use brisket as beef and boston butt because of the fat content and it usually is the most economical.

  • processhead I use the same 50% venison 40% pork and 10% beef fat with both my beef sticks and summer sausage.

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