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    I was going try making some duck snack sticks. 80 % duck, 20% pork fat. What stick seasoning would you suggest? How about binder and cure excellerator? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    thomasrott that sounds really great, Thomas!
    I’ve never made duck sausage of any sort, but I do cook a lot of it, so here are my thoughts for what it’s worth.

    The red duck breast from mallards amd such, to me is most similar to beef if it is cooked rare. Upon overcooking though, it starts to taste like liver and goes from awesome to meh. Therefore, to me your goal should be to process them without overcooking. So temperature control will be paramount, therefore I would sous vide.

    The sauce flavors I’ve liked with duck most, are two: teriyaki ginger, and raspberry chipotle. Walton’s sells two teriyaki flavors, but I haven’t tried either. But you could easily mix up your own. Raspberry Chipotle is a common sauce, Costco sells a great one by Fischer and Weisser. It is my #1 favorite way to have duck.
    Recipe construction:
    Soy sauce, Kikkomans normal red label, 4T per kg block. label says 960mg sodium per 15ml; x 2.5 for molecular weight of salt vs. Sodium = 2400mg or 2.4g in 15ml, 1T. So a total of 9.6 g salt. IF YOU USE 7T OR PER KG BLOCK, IT WILL GIVE 1.7% SALT TOTAL which is fine, and also correct amount of liquid.
    1.8% salt total including the soy sauce, a common amount for sausages. So for 1000g meat and fat (“block”), 1kg, you would use 18g salt. But subtract out what you added above as soy. OR JUST USE ALL SOY AS ABOVE.
    0.25% or 2.5g cure1 per 1kg meat and fat, this will be needed for a good cured stick flavor as well as to allow and protect during the low heat 135 to 145 f sous vide temps.
    1% brown sugar, a nice teriyaki amount
    0.3 % ginger per kg block, about 1t
    10% water, so 100ml per kg block… if you use all soy as above, this will serve as the water.
    3t granulated garlic per kg block
    1 tablet vitamin c, 1000mg or 1g, per kg block, so 0.1%. This is a good strong cure accelerator.
    Oh, binder… I would use one because I don’t know the binding qualities of duck, but chicken isnt great. I’d use NFDM or suregel.

    Mix, 19mm sticks. If you want to be safer, use some hickory smoke powder or liquid smoke, and just go straight to SV.

    That will make a nice teriyaki. Here is my writeup for making venison jerky with this

    I would smoke below 140f for an hour or less then bag and sous vide at 145 for an hour or so. You may want to go higher and longer due to wild game, your call, reference the lethality tables from my other post.

    Of course you could use any old purchased spice mix you like, but IMO something super strong like Willies would be a waste of duck, though I do use it for venison.

    Raspberry chipotle would be a similar process but just salt and cure and the sauce.

    Anyhoo, those are my thoughts if I had 2kg of duck breasts 🙂

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    Dave in AZ wow. Great post. 👍

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    Thx Charley. Couldn’t get to sleep, thought I might as well type 😉 I love duck, and someone making an all duck stick got me excited lol.

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