I can't decipher Walton's casing sizes...

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    I’m trying to buy salami and lunchmeat casings from Waltons, but can not get reliable diameter info from the product descriptions and review comments. There must be some trick to how these are named that I’m not following. Adding a clear, unambiguous chart of all casings showing their stuffed diameter sizes, all on one page, would be a big help to customers. There is a casing usage chart I found that could have diameters added to it.

    I’m not sure, but it appears there are several standards being used to describe casing sizes. The names do not generally equal the diameters stated in inches. The reviews for the same products list other diameters than stated on that product page… could be a bogus review, but with just 3 or 4 reviews per product, it is all we have to go on and makes it difficult to commit to a casing when the name, stated diameter, and review all give different numbers.

    Here is an example:
    This is one of numerous casings labeled 120mm, which is 4.72". Product description says it is 5" diameter when stuffed.
    If I assume this is the flattened width, then circumference of a circle = 2 x pi x radius. Solving for radius gives 1.5", or 3" diameter, so that’s not it… so what exactly does this 120mm denote?

    The 100mm, 3.94", clear collagen cases state they have a stuffed diameter of 4.33".

    But these 105mm, 4.14", cases, state that their diameter is 2.7" when stuffed… they should be bigger than the 100mm ones just above.
    Then in the reviews a guys says it is just over 4" in diameter and he wishes they came smaller.

    This last product is the one I want, if it is actually 105mm DIAMETER.

    Thanks for any help understanding these names so I can purchase the right sizes 😉

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    Dave in AZ
    I can’t really offer any absolute explanations, but here is some speculation.
    The finished product diameter will be subject to some variation due to the casings elastic nature. Yep, they all stretch so depending on how tight they are stuffed, they may be larger or smaller than the specified size.
    I think the stated size is probably just a nominal or average value.
    Add to that the normal errors and typo’s that sometimes get included to product descriptions and the reviews that get incorrectly assigned to the wrong product and you end up with the sometimes conflicting information that you are describing.
    Again, this is all speculation on my part. Someone feel free to set me straight if I am wrong.

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    processhead probably. Wish I looked at this while they were still open, could have called and just asked them… but often when I call places for specs, they arent actual users and just read the same confusing web page number back to me. So hopefully an actual user will chime in here.

    I want to buy several sizes for 3" salami, 3.5" pork roll, 4" baloney and restructured ham. And sous vide capable. There was enough labeling disparity I felt it worth clarifying before making a large purchase. The 105mm one labeled 2.7" diam instead of expected 4.2" was what I wanted quickly and drove me to look deeper.

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    Update. I was able to call them on phone and work thru some sizes. Very nice and helpful folks, I think Daniela? And then a Jonathan, but not Jon of Tremblay fame I don’t think 😉

    She was able to check several large casing products I was looking at, and fill in some info missing from the product description so I knew which to get. One I mentioned above, 120mm is 4.72", but description is 5" diameter probably because they recommend overstuffing 10%. Thx to her!

    The main product I wanted and had confusion on was the 105mm textile casing. She said diameter was indeed 2.7" not 105mm, just like description said. However, upon more questions she said she was just reading it from the manufacturer description, which they used for their website. She checked, then came back and said that was the width if you cut one open and measured, i.e. the circumference. I didn’t believe that, because with circumference of a circle = 2 x pi x radius, that equals a 34mm sausage like a bratwurst!

    I asked if it was possible to actually just measure one. Supervisor Jonathan got on phone and agreed there was somethimg confusing going on. He nicely agreed to go measure the width of a flat one for me. He came back, width was 6", so circumference is twice that, making the diameter 3.82", not the 2.7" in the web description. So maybe being cloth it stretches to 105mm or 4.13", possibly explaining the name?

    In any case, Jonathan agreed the description was wrong after all, and said he would get it updated. It took 15 min on phone, and me not accepting the initial confusing answer several times and asking for an actual measurement. But in the end, the CS reps were polite and helpful enough to address my product concerns and go take the measurement. And they will be able to update their pages with correct info I hope, so future customers aren’t led to ordering wrong casings.

    Luckily this error turned out to my benefit and I’m glad I worked through all this, as the textile casings are just what I want for Pork Roll and Lebanon baloney, and I am putting together a large order with a lot more confidence now!

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    Dave in AZ Glad the team came through for you. 👍

  • Dave in AZ
    Glad they came thru for you on the phone. I know when I go into the store they are always super helpful and answer my questions and show me what I need to see. I guess I’m spoiled having them close by. It would drive me crazy having to order online and wait and hope I ordered the right stuff.

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    dawg man living close like that you are a lucky dawg.

  • cdavis
    I am Lucky to have them close. They used to have a satellite store on the west side of town which was way too easy for me to spend money . Now I just plan a stop when I’m on the east side. And still find it easy to spend money.

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    dawg man if I was that close I would be divorced and broke.

  • cdavis
    My wife thinks I spend too much money there but she doesn’t complain when she’s eating and recently after coming home from the grocery store she has expressed gratitude for a freezer full of meat. Prices have soared and probably will continue to for awhile.

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    dawg just got the same kind of comments from my wife. I think she finally sees the writing on the wall.

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    Dave in AZ They are a hands on company with people who care, always willing to go the extra mile.

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    Dave in AZ
    Sorry for a delay on responding here. I’ve been out of town for a while and catching up the last couple of days this week, but I’ll get data reviewed on all our casings and make sure our specs and sizing are clarified a bit on what everything means. I agree that a few of the items and sizes are a bit confusing. We should be able to get it cleared up fairly soon.

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    Austin thx for the follow up. You’ve got good people working CS, very nice and patient.

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    Austin Hey Austin just a heads up the economy vacuum sealer states that it has a removeable tray for cleaning convience. I don’t believe this is true. Very good vacuum sealer and I am happy with it.

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