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    Guys were talking about something like a $1000 premium for the PK-100 since all the craziness or the past few years. YouTube video from PS Seasonings a few weeks ago showed a window in the door of theirs & the host mentioned it was a prototype. Just a couple of bits to consider.

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    I do not have any experience with the PK, but I have had a Smokin-It #3 analog since 2014 and it is still going strong. I am actually a moderator on the Smokin-It site, but have not been active there for a couple of years. I still love my Smokin-It smoker and use it every year although I have also started using a pellet smoker for some things primarily for convenience. But, for pure smoking, I would always choose the Smokin-It over the pellet smoker.

    I have not really had any issues with it, but the limited amount of issues that I have had have been quickly and easily addressed by the company. I am not sure if it is still the same way, but when you send an email or text for support/warranty, your response typically comes from the owner.

    I would highly recommend any of the smokers from Smokin-It.

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    I don’t have experience with the PK. I’ve used a Bradley and a Masterbuilt for many years. This summer I decided to “go big or go home” and ordered a Smokin-it 5D WiFi. It’s a whole different beast. I’m doing 65 pounds of pulled pork for a family reunion this weekend. The temperature control, temperature probes, and WiFi gives great control and lets you monitor the process for anywhere in the world. When we make snack sticks or Jerky, we usually do 30-40 pounds at a time, so the extra size is welcome. The “James Jerky Dryer” is back in stock, so that will be my next purchase to help with snack sticks and Jerky. I was very close to going with the PK, but in the end, I wanted the larger size for larger batches.

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    bwsmokr I researched a bit and ended up buying the Cookin It. 3.5wifi gen 2. Also the Bellas cold smoke generator.
    processhead linked my thread below, thanks and good memory, Paul!

    I’ve used itmaybe 30 times now. Here are things I’d say.

    1. Read that thread, at the bottom crimsonfancy makes some true points.
    2. shoprat53 mentioned that SmokinIt is a copy of the Cook Shack smoker, and I think that’s true. There is a link to their website in that thread too. Cook shack is a US maker, I might have bought from them had I known.
    3. I didn’t learn enough about the PK100, but liked the sizing of the 3.5 smokin it. I seem to recall it was cheaper for the size I wanted, maybe?
    4. Construction is fantastic, very satisfied.
    5. Controller is good, holds temps within 2 degrees. Instruction Manual is horrendous, but can be figured out.
    6. Wifi… it works, but I don’t use it. I just walk out and hit up button to adjust temps when needed. If $$ is issue you don’t need it.
    7. Smoker is almost airtight! Only a 3/4" vent on top and bottom. This is the problem, as crimsonfancy said. It holds moisture. This is good and bad.
      Good… it helps you comply with usfda fsis pathogen lethality requirements of doing the 135 to 161 range lethality heat treatments in a high humidity environment or sealed oven.
      Bad… everything stays moist in there. You can’t dry stuff out. You don’t get a bark really. Jerky and snacksticks can be smoked, but not dried.

    It needs to have some vents you can open after smoking, so you can get airflow and dry. For now, what I and everyone else does is put a computer fan above vent to suck air thru. Works OK, need to mount fan on 5" pvc so it sits better.

    You can buy an expensive premade one on a metal stand, JamesJerky Dryer I think. I read their forums for many hours, and website, wasn’t easy to pull info about this.
    8. Absolutely get the Bellas CSG. I’d get it no matter what smoker I had. Love it. The smoker itself will smolder wood when set at 120 fine, pellets ir chips or a chunk, but you can’t turn it on and off and reload. Also, smoldering wood inside that airtight box lets methane gas build up anf give a flash burn when you open up door, I don’t like that. I posted about that somewhere. So I like using the CSG, and don’t make smoke with smoker much.

    1. For brisket and pork butt and chicken and bbq sausage, I like using my Traeger pellet grill still, it holds a nice 225 which works for those things, makes a nice bark, and will dry. I use the smokin It for sausage, bacon, hams when I need controlled temps 120 to 180f. It is just a very accurate low temp electric oven that I can pump smoke into.
    2. Smoke… so many folks have gone to using AmazN pellet tray for smoke, you may not really need anything else.
    3. Overall I am happy with it, now that I have fan setup on top. If pk100 has good size, good price, and a good temp control, AND VENTS, I’d consider it. And I’d for sure look at CookShack before Smokin It, as the design originator and US maker… I thought the SmokinIt guy invented it, looks like he just copued design and offshored it 😞

    Hope that review helps 😉

  • Start by saying thanks to everyone for replying. Dave very good review. The PK 100 is same price as 4d non wifi, size wise, PK 100 is in between Smokin-It 3.5 and 4. PK 100 does have vent on bottom door and on top of cabinet. Talked with pro smoker maker of PK100, said with that with there heating element ( 2 stage run at 625w or 1250w) can produce cold smoke at 60 F, but think the bella generator would be nice option also for the PK 100. another bonus the pro smoker is made in Wisconsin.

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    My CookShack Smoker s over 23 years old and still going strong. They know how to make A good smoker in Ponca City Oklahoma. If you look at A Smoke it is exact copy of A CookShack smoker that has been around fr over 50 years. Something does not seem right about that or am I missing something here?

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    shoprat53 8F5B0082-5E21-4D45-B45F-0B3D4C9942E0.jpeg
    Just a quick picture of the pork shoulders going in tonight. It’s cold enough that they will sit until 8:00 in the morning at 42 degrees. The program will kick in then and smoke it until the shoulders reach 190 sometime Sunday morning. That’s 9 shoulders, and I have plenty of space to do up to 16…

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    Quick question how much room is there to hang sausage sticks from top shelf (where sausage bars would go) to burner on the 3.5? Anybody else know about the model 4? PK100 is about 26" according to pro smoker. Thanks

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    You can put a rack on top and get 20" above heater, or 23" to sides.
    However, with just a couple sticks on side to elevate hanging rack to top of chamber, you could easily do 23 and a max of 27". That would work fine for like chubbs hanging down on hooks.
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