• Jonathan has a video showing what the texture and look of the meat should be. Several people told me to use a motorized mixer and it worked for me. The meat gets sticky and adheres to the casing. If you have water squinting out while stuffing it isn’t mixed enough.16662114209867774467861531064983.jpg 16662115228038204907024742893916.jpg

  • Weekend Smoker where did you get your power mixer ?

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    Walton’s has a very good sale, PreThanksgiving, going on right now, with both mixers on sale.


    If you make 5lb batch or less, you can also use a kitchenaid mixer.

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    You don’t give too many details so I’m just guessing. But all the problems you described will come from a few things, so they could be issues:

    1. Meat texture crumbly. Not enough mixing and protein extraction to bind the fat and water into meat.
    2. Casings pulling from meat, shrinkage… fat and water melt out due to bad bind. Not enough mixing usually.
    3. No water… water helps produce good bind and moisture. Use 10% of meat weight in water.
    4. Meat not kept cold enough throughout…needs to be 30 to 34f at every single step. Freezer before grind so halfway frozen. Grind. Refreeze almost. Mix 4 to 5 min power mixer, 10 min with a hand cranked mixer. Refreeze to 30-34f. Stuff into casings. If meat gets up to 38 or 40f, 5x as much fat will come out (see 2guysandacooler test video), leaving mear dry and rumbly texture.
    5. Binder… what are you using as a binder? 2 cups seems way too much for 10 lbs meat. Binder is usually 1% of meat block or so, which would be 45grams… that is less than 1/2c of nonfat dry milk or SureGel from Waltons. It sounds like you’re using 4x too much binder, which would of course make it all dry and crumbly like sawdust. You don’t even need binder for snacksticks if you just mix well.

    Hope one of those may sound like a culprit and is helpful.
    Jonathon has tons of videos on Waltons stepping you through process.

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    Bigsexy What does the floor of your smoker look like after they are done? I am guessing that you are not getting enough protein extraction when mixing, the meat should be really sticky, like stretches a good amount when you pull it apart, and this will help keep the fat in your product and not on your floor. The fact that previous times you have had problems with casing adherence leads me to believe that this is the issue also. What will happen is the fat cooks out of the protein and makes it way between the casing and the meat, the casing then can’t adhere to the meat. There are other things that could cause that, like too much water, an incorrect smoke schedule but I am guessing it is a protein extraction issue. Also, 2 cups of what binder? How big was your batch? For cured sausage, we don’t recommend that you use a larger than 1/8" plate.

  • Jonathon soy protein 10 pound batch. Bottom of smoker has a few drips. But I bet that is my problem. I’m not mixing it long enough. Seems that I just do it to the point that it starts to get sticky and stop. The stickier the better i guess.

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    Bigsexy The other thing I would say is Sure Gel Meat Binder is a far better binder for sticks, Soy Protein blend can make stuffing really hard for snack sticks. The sure gel doesn’t have that issue, or at least not near as much. Don’t give up, you’ll get it and sticks are wonderful, great flavors, great portability and since they are cured they have a long shelf life!

  • Bigsexy You power mixer is actually your grinder. It attaches to the mixer. You just have to make sure they are compatible. I got mine from LEM (They were scratch & dent) way before I found Walton’s. Walton’s has a lot of good units.

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    Bigsexy I wish you the best but I never had any luck using a soy binder

  • Salt should be more than 1.8% of meat weight to extract the muscle protein & create bind. If the seasoning is very acidic, it can coagulate the protein so it won’t stick
    together - adding baking soda at 1% of seasoning weight should reduce the acid level enough to prevent this. High temperature or a big temperature rise through a mechanical step like grinding or stuffing would smear the fat so the protein can’t encapsulate it - should be less than 38F in the casing. If you measure temperature before grind and after grind, goal would be a temperature rise less than 4F and same for before and after stuffing. If any of these fit your circumstances.

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