• I made 50lb. 23lb gound goose 7lb ground pork fat 20 lb (about 75/25?) Ground pork. I hand mixed in cotto salami seasoning, cure, carrot fiber, water. I stuffed in soaked 4x22 fibrous casings. When I smoked to 160-165 I had alot of fat on outside of meat inside of casing. When i checked temp most liquid drained out. Did I have too much fat? Should I have not temp checked every casing(new to this smoker,
    and hanging casings)? It left some fat on outside of meat. Meat itself is crumbly when sliced yet some seems almost slimy. Would a better mixed product help? Would beef fat be better than pork? It turned out good. Just trying to make it better and fix any mistakes.[link text](```

    [link url](```
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    Hey just saw you’re brand new, 1st post! Welcome, you’ll love it here! Great folks and stories and cooks! I sure hope I can help you!

    Very cool you made up that goose product!
    Reading your comments, everything points to two things, maybe 3.

    1. Probably not mixed enough. I can’t see hand mixing 50 lbs and achieving a good protein extraction. I have never heard that goose has strong binding properties, so you are relying on strong extraction on the pork. This leads to fat out and a crumbly texture, both of which you described.
    2. I also can’t see keeping all the meat and fat below 34f during a hard hand mix. Eric at 2guysandaCooler did a video where he kept 1 batch < 34f, the other he mixed and ket it get to like 40? He caught the drips. The one that got warm during mixing lost almost 5 times the fat! He has the video on YouTube if you’d like to watch this eye opening scientific demonstration of fat out due to bad temp control.
    3. Last possibility is external cook temp, which you didn’t mention. If you let it get up too high, like above 180 or so in smoker, you could have melted the fat, and without a strong bind you will get fat out and crumbly texture as you describe.

    Do any of those sound like possibly a cause?
    In any case, I’m super glad it is still good tasting, and I can’t wait to get some goose this year to try it myself!

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    I am on board with Dave. Too high of temperature in the smoker probably accounts for most fat-out.
    Check the accuracy of your temperature probe and do not exceed 180 degrees in the smoker chamber.
    Under mixing can also account for a poor bind of the product but I would look at temperatures first.

  • Dave thanks for the info. I think I need to invest in a mixer for these big batches but just havent yet. I failed to mention i did 2 batches half with cheese. Smoked all at once. Which 25lb is still alot to hand mix. I think all 3 points contributed towards the fat out, 2 and 3 I didnt know about. Thank you for helping me make a better finished product. I forgot to order the cold phosphate. Would that also contribute. I bumped smoker temp to about 200 to try to hurry the process, which I now know not to do. Do I have to worry about a stall with smoked sausage? I was told I would hit a stall about 150. I added a water tray to boost humidity and that seemed to work well.

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    andrewt cold phosphate primarily binds water to meat letting you add more water for juicier sausage and economics. Apparently also useful as a binder, but it would not be my go-to choice. I have some.

    200 degrees would probably do it, especially if the smoker has temp swings and got higher in truth.

    Everything stalls in a cookerat lower temps. For every meat type , shape, surface area, moistness, there is a point at which evaporation loses as much heat as is being put into the meat. So temp stops increasing until meat dries out enough… which isn’t great for some things you want moist. Reducing evaporation by increasing humidity in oven helps. Also, you only get most smoke flavor below 140f, above that meat is cooked and impermeable to smoke… so a lot of folks pull sausage, snacksticks, brisket off then and finish it sealed up to retain moisture somehow. Briskets get wrapped in foil or paper and oven finished often. Snacksticks you can toss into a sous vide and finish in 30 min. Bunch of threads here on doing that.

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