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    I’m wondering if this is a chart available which would show how much water to use per pound when using carrot fiber when maker sausage with chicken?

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    msalmon There is no chart that has been created and different products would have different amounts. For Chicken Brats I like to use both Carrot Fiber and Cold Phosphate but that’s not something everyone has just laying around! So if you are using carrot fiber then I would add 1.25 oz of water per lb of meat. This would be for when you are using carrot fiber at it’s suggested usage of 4 oz per 25 lb of meat (or .16 oz per lb of meat). A good thing about Carrot Fiber is that it holds up to 26 times its weight in water so you have room to play with here, you can see how much it is absorbing and add more slowly until you have achieved your desired water content.

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    Jonathon Jonathon, Is the 26 times it’s weight measured in volume or weight. Thanks

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    msalmon Good question, It would be 26 times it actual weight. I just took .5 of an oz and added 13 oz of water and it bound it all intoa paste like texture.

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  • So, I’m going to use carrot fiber and cold phosphates per instructions on packaging for my chicken brats. Do I need more water what would be acceptable, 1.5 ounces?

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    unclebill If you are adding carrot fiber and cold phosphate you can get away with adding some more. Are you using chicken breast? If so I would add it about 2.5 oz of water per lb of meat. If you are using thighs which have a higher fat content then I would recommend you use a little less. The 2.5 oz of water per lb of meat would put you right around 1.5 qts of water per 25lb batch which is where I like to be when using carrot fiber and a lean meat without adding any fat. I’d tell you not to do what you are planning but with the phosphate increasing the water holding capacity of the meat, you should be good! Please take pics and post those and your results when you are done!

  • Johnathon
    The brats turned out great and excellent.

    The first batch 5.5 pounds of 60/40 mixed skinless boneless thighs and breasts, I used only 8 ounces of water, recommended cold phosphates, carrot fiber and Blue Ribbon Bratwurst-no MSG seasoning and cased them in 30mm collagen casing.

    They came out great! Wished I would’ve used more water.

    The second batch 5.5 pounds of 60/40 mixed skinless boneless thighs and breasts, I used only 14 ounces of water, recommended cold phosphates, carrot fiber and Supreme Italian Pizza Bratwurst seasoning, 1/2 pound of Mozzarella High Temp Cheese, Cased them in 32mm collagen casing.

    This batch came out excellent!

    This was my first time using the fresh 30mm and 32mm casings, worked through some minor issues as I was learning how full to fill them. But, I got through it without to much trouble.

    I cut the chicken into 1 inch pieces partially frozen, ground 1 time with 3/16 inch plate, mixed in all seasonings, additives and water. Hand mixed for 5-6 minutes got good extraction, cases right away.

    We kept 1 pound of the Pizza and Blue Ribbon from the casing process and made into patties for supper tonight. The mixture of the two Seasonings was excellent taste.

    Overall experience was great the brats look really good, the taste should be juicy and excellent. Will let you know.

    I submitting 3 photos. If I can figure how…

    [link text](```
    ![20190409_201846652_iOS.jpg](/assets/uploads/files/1554852421![2_1554852483452_7083AC4E-A3B7-4A7A-B9FE-AF67DE02968A.jpeg](Uploading 100%) ![1_1554852483452_DB84FF10-2E97-41CD-92B7-5DC92E106240.jpeg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1554852483452_3565ED24-AC8D-400C-9F45-0EE5CEB39252.jpeg](Uploading 100%) 104-20190409_201846652_ios-resized.jpg) link url

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    unclebill Glad they came out so well! Chicken Brats are delicious and I love making them, so many flavors go well this the chicken. One of my favorites (though it is pretty salty in chicken) is the South of the Border Cheddarwurst with chicken thighs. I made it about 8 months ago and just found another package in my freezer at home, it made me wonder why I havent made them again, maybe I will get back to it!

    The phosphates and carrot fiber are a game changer for low-fat content for sure. If you want to try something else I would recommend the phosphate and the Super Bind which is a combination of Carrot Fiber and Potato Starch, so you get the advantages of Carrot Fiber and the Potato Starch will start to form a gel at just about the same temperature as the meat starts to expel the water (around 135°) so it absorbs it and holds it in the meat.

    Also, there seems to be an issue with the photos, we were having a few issues the past few days with photos, so if you have time please try to upload those pics again?

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    Sounds good. Photos…Had same issue at first. Discovered clicking on photo and then hitting upload only uploaded the link. Double clicking then uploaded the photo. This worked on my end but I’m no guru. Took forever for me to get pics from phone to laptop. LOL.

  • I hope the photos uploaded. Thanks to Jonathan and Austin for all the help and fantastic video!

    It helps making Chicken Brats easier.

    bolded text20190409_201846652_iOS.jpg 20190409_201853842_iOS.jpg 20190409_201905596_iOS.jpg[link text](link url)

    [link text](link url)

  • unclebill did it work?

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    👍 Nice. Look great.

  • PapaSop Thanks

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    unclebill Those look great, thanks for posting them! Can’t wait to get home tonight and eat some pizza brats!

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