Relative humidity in a smoker?

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    I’ve been considering upgrading from my PK100 to something bigger and fancier. I’ve been trying to find a smoker with built in relative humidity controls. It’s been a struggle but I found one made by NU-Vu called the Smoker13. Plenty of room and it has built in humidity controls, along with an external smoke box. The controls aren’t fancy digital controls, just knobs with temps like an old school oven. I called and spoke with their tech department to ask some questions on the humidity part. They said the humidity knob goes from 1-10. There isn’t a percentage set for each number, but the water sprays out for longer every certain amount of time(I think they said every 45 seconds) , depending on which number it’s set at. I’m not sure if there is a more precise smoker out there for under the $12k mark that has humidity control built in. If there is I’d love to hear which ones? I’m considering this for a possible small business idea making brats/smoked sausages.

    That said, what relative humidity are we shooting for when making smoked sausages?

    @Jonathan would you mind posting your smoke/humidity schedule on your guys big Pro Smoker 500 with humidity levels/times when doing smoked/cured sausage?

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    armyguy If you go through with the plan on this smoker, you may want to consider adding some instruments that will allow you to measure the actual RH in the cabinet.

    After a few trial runs, you should be able to find the settings that give the RH you are after.

    Depending on your ability, you could retrofit your smoker with a humidity controller like this one to control the existing humidity source. This would allow you to directly enter an RH% set point.

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