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    A user on youtube left the below comment on youtube video

    “John this is one of the most informative and entertaining episodes yet. This is so much more helpful than reading a description. Brett is internet gold, his constant grimace followed by positive to mediocre opinions with the occasional PC negative is pricless. The grimace proceeds all options. Please move the microphones away from Austin. Why does he insist on shoving an entire slice in his mouth every time? This action is directly followed by horrible salivating chewing. Thank the good lord im not on a cliff. He also clearly has covid becase he cant smell and can only taste salt. So we have one brother that cant taste and one that cant smell. Great vid. Lets do snack sticks after the cheese percentage video.”

    It made me laugh out loud numerous times and got me thinking…we really should do a top comment competition on the videos. So, here is the thought, during each live stream Austin and I will come prepared with our favorite youtube comments for a video we posted in the last 30 days and we will gift that person a Walton’s Tumbler. These are slightly different than the 40 oz handle ones but are still pretty sweet. We can even do some sort of live stream viewer voting thing on which one should get the top comment…though, now that I think about it how would we get in touch with them? We can figure that out somehow!

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    I look forward to this idea. It sounds like great comedy.

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