• Over Christmas I mixed a 7 lb batch of stix bbq seasoning. I added the seasoning and the cure but had to freeze it right away before curing due to an equipment issue. My question is the meat still good or is it ruined? If I thaw it out and mix it up again can I put into casings and let sit overnight to “cure” and then smoke? Sorry very new to this and hoping I didn’t waste a bunch of meat

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    mrmeat15 First, welcome to Meatgistics! Some version of this question has been asked a few times recently, makes me think maybe we need to do a video on it…anyway, that is neither here nor there!

    To answer your question your meat is 100% safe since it has been frozen. Now, you might have a few issues stuffing it depending on what additives you used. Specifically, I am thinking of Encapsulated Citric Acid because if you mixed that in then you almost certainly ruptured some of the encapsulation, and even if not then the enzymes in the meat would have started breaking down that encapsulation. If that happened then your protein has been denatured and won’t bind together. The meat can still be cooked and eaten but I wouldn’t recommend stuffing it as it will almost certainly fat out.

    If you did not add any ECA then as long as you can get it so it will go through your stuffer you should be fine. Just remember, the freezing probably added some ice crystals which can lower the quality of the meat, so it might not be 100% as good as it would have been that day. Adding some extra water while mixing will help. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Jonathon thank you so much. I did not add any accelerants to help the curing process. I did see the other post but I do believe that post mentioned they let the meat cure before freezing so I wanted to make sure I was gtg with my invited meat. Thank you

  • Team Blue

    mrmeat15 welcome to the community

  • Team Orange

    I have had to do the same thing. You will need to add more water to the mix in order to stuff it or you may hurt or even brake your stuffer.

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