Pad See Ew (Thai wide rice noodles with dark soysauces)

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    Pad See Ew, beef
    (Wide Thai rice noodles with dark soy sauces, sirloin beef tips, and broccoli)
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    This is the 2nd most popular Thai noodle dish, behind Pad Thai, in restaurants. It is one of the top 6 items ordered overall, and is probably the #1 thing I order myself.

    The key flavors come from White Pepper (some added, some sprinkled on top at end), and Sweet soy sauce, or sometimes Black Soy sauce, depending on manufacturer and their English translation on label. It is basically molasses and soy, very thick, and could easily be replaced with that. I add a couple other special soy sauces for flavor notes, the Dark soy has a lot of dark caramelized sugar to give a slight bitter note and darkening, almost like Banquet gravy browning stuff. The green bottle is Golden Mountain sauce, a proprietary soy blend of soy, sugar, salt, with a unique flavor. It is used as basic soy in a lot of Thai street vendors. A bit of Oyster sauce is added for thickening and umami. And of course Fish Sauce.

    Spices for this size wok full are 2 to 3 cloves garlic, and white pepper.

    Vegetables are variable, the classic is a Chinese or Thai stem-broccoli called Gai Lan. But in the US, the more common and cheaper normal broccoli is used by most places. You could also use broccolini, or broccoli-raab as good gai lan replacements. I’ve made it with any leafy green vegetable with stems, like bok choy, swiss chard, or even kale… won’t do kale again, too bitter.

    Any meat is usable, just marinate for 30 min with some soy and dark/black soy, bit of cornstarch to help absorb any juices when stir frying so pan stays hot. I like beef best. Eggs are scrambled and pan fried to a bit of crisp, pretty common but not always included.

    Wide rice noodles are best fresh, but dry can be used if well hydrated like by boiling a bit. Toss with a tablespoon of dark soy to color, and let soften then crisp up a bit in wok with some oil.

    Cook all items above briefly and put aside, if skilled you can do it all in wok at once just moving stuff to side, but correct doneness takes skill, best to start out doing separately.

    Sauce is roughly: quick fry garlic in 1T oil, before browning add 2T soy/kikkoman/Golden Mtn, whatever you have. 1T sweet or black soy (or 1T molasses plus 1T soy), 1t dark soy, 2-3T fish sauce, 1-2T oyster sauce.

    Optional, but common (in Thailand, people adjust red pepper/chilis, fish sauce, sugar, individually at plate using those glass carousel of spices):
    1T sugar
    1t crushed red pepper fried with garlic in oil or as desired for heat, can add thai chili if desired.
    1T rice or white vinegar.
    (I added some chopped sushi ginger here because it was sitting in fridge, but ginger is not usually a flavor in this)

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    Dave in AZ it looks amazing 👏

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    Dave in AZ I just don’t know how you do it Dave!

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    Denny O said in Pad See Ew (Thai wide rice noodles with dark soysauces):

    Dave in AZ I just don’t know how you do it Dave!

    Heh… you might notice, I didn’t cook anything for last 4 days! When I get home from a work trip, I have built up a big urge to cook, and my wife wants a break, so I go to town! 😉 thx for the kind words!

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