• So I am making snack sticks for the first time. The batch will be a 5lb try. I have figured out all the amounts for a small batch except the Sure Gel.
    The pkg says .375 lb per 25 lbs. Holy $hit what would it be for a 5 lb batch. For some reason I am coming up with .075 lb per 5 lbs using ratio and proportion. when I convert that to ounces it comes it to 1.2 ounces. Does this make sense.

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    bill k Yes, for a 5 lb batch you would use .075 of a pound which is 1.2 oz or 34 grams. We have conversion charts for Seasonings and Cures, looks like we need to do one on additives as well! I will get started on that fairly shortly here, I think it would add some value for our users. I had a package of it here so I decided to weigh it out and 1.2oz or 34 grams of Excalibur Sure Gel would be 3 tablespoons and 1 teaspoon.

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