Walton Summer Seasonings - flavor comparison.

  • Greetings,

    Looking for some help with additional detailed context/description of the various Walton Summer Sausage seasonings.

    My only experience to date is with the L*M/Backwoods Summer Sausage Seasoning. Sausage is ok but lacks a lot of flavor in an 80/20 meat block.

    There are 4ea Walton Summer Sasusage seasoning products:

    1. H Summer Sausage: (sku: G4550300070) -25lb batch size (Described as “most flavorful, traditional summer sausage flavor”)…

    2. Summer Sausage Seasoning: (sku: 4550300012) -100lb batch size (Described as “perfect for any type of protein”)…

    3. Summer 107 Unit (sku: 4550300032) - 100lb batch size (Described as “classic summer sausage with a lot of garlic and mustard seed”)…

    4. Summer Sausage W: (sku 4550300082)- 100lb batch size (Described as “classic summer sausage with a little more sweetness”)…

    Looking for some additional objective information on 1, 2, and 3, in terms of the source of the flavor differences (I.e. what are the flavors derived from in each seasoning kit and how do these kits compare to each other on delivery of each key spice.

    I am looking to make a very tangy, garlic, mustard seed, black pepper flavored sausage, plan to use ECA at max level to achieve tang.

    Thanks in advance,

  • I have been in search for a summer sausage seasoning with black pepper but couldn’t find one. I’m new at this so the H Summer Sausage is the only one I have used so I can’t give you any comparisons with the other 3, but you mentioned black pepper so thought I would share my first experience.
    So I used Waltons H Summer Sausage and mixed in about a quarter cup of fine black pepper. I liked the results and several others did as well. It had a light pepper taste and I probably will add a little more in the next batch for a slightly stronger flavor. I used 25 lbs of venison and 4lbs of beef fat to keep it on the leaner side. Good luck, Bob

  • TinCupTom i can only speak to the H summer sausage seasoning, but it has a lot better taste than the backwoods. Not a lot of pepper (you could add more I am sure) but it is a good solid flavor profile. I did not use the ECA for the tang, but plan on doing it this week in a batch. You can’t go wrong with the H seasoning!

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User Kansas Dry Cured Sausage

    TinCupTom I agree with both bobing195 7 and Ed Jordan in regards to the H Summer, great tasting Summer Sausage without being too strong or having any real heat.

    Just so you know, in case you were looking for it and couldn’t find it, the ingredients are listed on the products web page. Just scroll down and click the “Additional Info” tab and it will show up.

    The W Summer (4550300082) might be the most mild of all the ones you listed. That doesn’t make it bad at all just a very mild flavor

    Summer 107 (4550300032) Similar to H, contains mustard seed but I don’t think it is whole.

    Summer Sausage Seasoning (4550300012) Very similar to the 107 in flavor, has whole mustard seed.

    H - Summer (G4550300070) is our best selling Summer Sausage Seasoning, contains whole mustard seed. If you are looking for a peppery seasoning this is the best one to use for a base and add some black pepper. This would be the basic summer seasoning favored by most employees and customer.

    Another option, if you are making 100 lb batches or don’t mind breaking down the seasoning into smaller batches, would be the Ton’s Summer Seasoning (4550806642) It has a very good flavor and is pretty peppery if I remember correctly, I pepper is listed higher in the ingredients list than any of the others… Of all of the basic Summer Sausage seasonings (excluding ones like Jalapeno and Habanero BBQ) this is the second best scoring one amongst employees.

  • Yearling

    The high salt content of “H” may be masking the pepper and/or other seasonings.

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